La creche

I am a half french acadian woman from Nova Scotia so I have difficulty translating certain words from french to english and visa versa so I actually had to translate creche to english using Google. (My father is 100% french acadian and my mom is a 100% english.) This is a project I worked on for weeks. It's a Nativity scene made completely out of cardboard  boxes laying around the house. It appears 3D but is only about 2" thick....more

A toy nativity

I have this beautiful Nativity Scene that I put out every year...and,  of course, every year it attracts little hands.   ...more

O Holy Night

When Joseph disappeared inside the inn, Mary slid off the little donkey.  Her legs trembled violently.  She leaned against the beast for a few moments to keep from falling.  She straightened and reached behind her to push her fingers into her lower back.  Oh, how she ached from the journey to Bethlehem!  Had it only been three days?  It seemed more like three months, or three years.  She lo...more

Five Small Ways to Keep a Religious Christmas Spirit - and One Big Way

I know that there are many ways to celebrate Christmas, and that some people are happy seeing it spelled Xmas. I know there are atheists who set up Christmas trees and like the warm feelings of the holidays. Some people are not sure just how religious they are, really. And some people are just in it for the flash. OK. Fair enough. This post isn't for you. This is for the person who wants to keep a specific religious spirit in the holiday, and could use some help knowing how to best do that. ...more

Well, not all of us are religious, and not all of us are Christian, but for those of us who ...more

First, there was a Cow - a Progressive Nativity

Christmas-time at our House: part 6 We have a few Nativity Scenes around our house: one was made in Indonesia (Papua I think) from a coconut shell -my sweetie brought it back from a trip overseas a few years ago; one we bought in Skagway Alaska this summer that has the holy family in an igloo; one is a music box that my mom gave me years ago; another is an ornament that my grandma gave us for our first Christmas married - it is a musical ornament and it has a lovely sound. We also have lots of other nativity ornaments on our tree.  It's covered with them! Then, we have THE Nativity.  ...more