How My Doula Helped Me During Birth

During my first pregnancy, there were a lot of birthy things I didn't know about. In fact, except for knowing which part of me the baby comes out of, I was pretty ignorant of what actually happens during childbirth. I took a doctor-knows-best approach. It ended up being a highly-managed experience with many interventions. A lot of decisions were made about what to do to me during labor, but none of those decisions were made by me. Except for the wonderfully beautiful baby I gave birth to, I found the whole labor process (and weeks recovery) pretty awful. ...more

How I Delivered My Own Child in a Moving Car

"Drive faster! Run the red light! Hurry, get us there!", was what I yelled between contractions to my husband right before I delivered my second son in the speeding Subaru he was driving....more

My Super Fun and Sometimes Punny Birth Playlist

Flippant seems to be my approach to most parenting related things. Ok, it seems to be my approach to most of life. I didn’t have birth music when I delivered Flintstone at home four years ago. Being at home, I figured if I wanted to listen to music, I’d just have MacGyver put it on. With as fast and furious as things went, I didn’t end up wanting any music anyway. ...more

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

As my due date fast approaches I’m scrambling to find time to relax and do lots of prenatal yoga. Not only that but I’m also reading up and preparing myself mentally for a natural, un-medicated birth. I’ve found that my Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth class has provided my husband and I information that is absolutely indispensible and a lot more informative than anything I’ve read about in the pile of books now collecting dust on my nightstand....more

OMG! I'm A Grandmother!

Johnny Mac Pippin, aka Aiden Samuel, was born at Tripler Army Medical Center on May 15, 2012 at 12:36pm. He weighed a whopping 8lbs and was 21" long. His mother had no drugs and the only assistance was breaking the water 90 minutes before he made his way into the world. Yep. My beautiful, tiny baby birthed a good size baby of her own -- and she did it fabulously. I was in awe of her strength and her determination. Two days later and I'm still in awe. Rockstar. Super Hero. Birthing Goddess. That's my girl!...more
How gorgeous!!! He is a blessed child to be so loved.more

Catty Girls Become Catty Women

In every high school, there was an "in" crowd, roaming the halls, casting snide looks, dishing out even snottier comments, essentially causing terror for all.  Oh yeah and they occasionally attended classes.  Of course I did not escape these girls, I am the rule, not the exception.  I was your average, in no crowd, type of girl.  Your basic easy prey.  I remember standing in front of my closet for hours wondering how on earth I would come up with a "cool" ensemble suitable for 7:30am the following morning....more
I've had a run in or two with one of those ladies you speak of and I always remind myself that ...more

childbirth woes :( and lots of lovelies :)

I had such a busy day today with a prenatal check-up, some shopping (I found a bikini to take to Florida, yay) and then childbirth class, where they told us all about pain meds and c-sections. I really want to try for a natural birth and we have watched so many documentaries on it that we are convinced it is the best option for us and the baby....more

A Message to the Birth Partner

When I am teaching class, I have moments when I want to talk to my moms labor support person. I think it is important that he feels included in the birth and that he is an integral part of the birth. We, as Childbirth Educators, must help our mothers feel comfortable to express to their support person the kind of help she will need during labor. My idea to help is to create a message to the birth partner.  The birth partner is the mother's main support person during pregnancy, labor, and after birth.**This post is continually palgiriazed by Brio Birth, LLC.  This posting is the original. ...more

Eeeek... I'm giving birth!!

I never knew this was possible - but now I do

1. Natural childbirth.I said from the beginning of my pregnancy that I wanted to have a natural childbirth, and by natural I mean vaginally and NO DRUGS. Generally people would laugh and say “We will see how that goes”….even my Family Doctor! Needless to say, I decided to have a Midwife for my prenatal/postpartum care, simply because I knew they would be more supportive than an OB-GYN. I did manage to do it all natural, which I’m sure surprised everyone (even myself in a way because I do have a tendancy to point out to everyone every second I am in pain....more