"Green" Make-up: Great Ingredients But Still Working on the Packaging

I frequently get asked about what I do for plastic-free makeup, and honestly I haven’t had the best answer. I continue to use the products that I already had and generally only replace them with plastic-free alternatives once they are used up....more

Hi ulew.  Thanks for raising these issues.  It's nice when a company is trying to ...more

Confessions of a (Former) Lancome Junkie

My pal over at CrunchyDomesticGoddess sent me a simple email last month that has been stuck in my craw every since. She just asked what natural cosmetics I had tried and liked, and I was so embarrassed to write back and say I didn't have any to recommend. Not because they're all bad, mind you, but because (*GASP*) I haven't tried any. ...more
My mom and I got completely and totally sucked into the Lancome gift with purchase thingy. Every ...more