Hello June! Last Month Recap & New Protective Style

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Down & Out by Blended Beauty

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Going Silicone and Sulfate Free Helped My Curls!

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Hair Woes: Why I Straighten My Hair

I straighten my hair. Daily. To do this, I have to allow for more time to get ready. I spend more money on product than I do when I let my natural curls do their thing. I actually feel kind of sad some mornings when my curls disappear with the wave of my magic straightening iron. But I do it anyway. ...more
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Naturally Curly

“She has naturally curly hair,” my mother would say with great sadness in her voice  when she spied a young person with curls.  She made it sound like a curse.   Mother had curls of the type that sprang in tight spirals directly from the scalp and she hated them.   She did battle with her hair daily.  Her own mother urged her to wear her hair cropped short and just be done with the whole thing, but mother craved shoulder-grazing styles.   She was born at the wrong time for her hairstyle to be considered stylish.  The only curls my mother’ ...more