How to Prepare your Family to Survive a Natural Disaster

More than 700 people (and still counting) have died in the Nepal earthquake today. The powerful earthquake was felt by most countries in Southeast Asia, and has resulted in fatalities in Nepal, India, China and Bangladesh. Nepal in particular has been hit the most, as the earthquake has collapsed thousands of buildings and has left a widespread damage....more

The Horizon of a Hand

A friend of mine recently told me something beautiful that I simply must share. First, I'll set some context, which is to say I'll grumble a bit. ...more

World Community

Relationships with our partner, family, friends, and community are what makes us happy. Having a strong sense of community and participating in celebrations together can definitely make our lives better. Community means an on-going group of people committed to supporting and serving each other within an organization, a church, a town or city, or a country....more

More Monsson Flooding in Pakistan

It cannot have escaped many peoples attention that there is a natural disaster happening righ now in Pakistan where the heavy monsson rains have flooded a quarter of the country in the North WestSwollen rivers and torrential rains submerged hundreds of villages in the area, forcing people to flee their homes without warning and leave all their belongings behind.Fears that the forecast for more torrential rain will cause the countries third biggest dam to breach mean that the appeal for action and aid is even more urgent....more

After the Flood: Can Wynona Go Home Again?

When all is lost, is "Her Home" really where the heart is? Read the story of Wynona Lurie, an 80 yr-old fireball whose light was briefly extinguished by Nashville's horrific flooding. How does she start over when half her life is washed away by torrential rain?The full story is found at for reading!...more

I hope you'll update us again when Wynona lands in a new home.

BlogHer Community ...more

Chilean President In Solidarity with Haitian Women

  This post was originally written on February 20th, 2010, just one week before the 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Concepción, Chile. ...more

Five Years After Tsunami, Sara Henderson Still Building Bridges

by Chris Lombardi...more

The Far Pacific, Tsunami Zone

On Tuesday, Samoa, American Samoa, and Tonga, were hit by a tsunami. There's currently a travel warning suggesting that those intrepid types who are Pacific island bound stay away while the island populations grapple with the aftermath of the big waves. Those warnings don't always work -- plus, those who had planned to do aid work are going anyways. Here's a post from a soon to be Peace Corps volunteer: ...more

China's heroic mother and the importance of breastfeeding in natural disasters

By now many of you have probably read about police officer Jiang Xiaojuan of China who became a national, and then international, hero practically over night. After the devastating Chinese earthquake on May 12, the 29 year-old mother of a 6-month-old son, was called to duty. What she encountered when she reported for duty was babies crying in hunger and that's when her maternal instincts kicked in. ...more

I loved this story when I read it. So touching. A true mom ...more

Blogging the Southern California Wildfires

The infernos engulfing thousands of acres in rural and residential Southern California are being amply covered by bloggers in and around the region. Here is a sampling of citizen journalists/live bloggers documenting and photographing the disaster: ...more

Like you, I used to take our disasters in stride (after all, that risk is the price we pay for ...more