Enough with Promoting Natural Gas

There are so many ads on TV (especially on CNN) about how safe and clean natural gas is. It is proclaimed to be the answer to our energy and jobs needs....more
Hello there, Barbara! What an eye opening post this is about Natural Gas. I had no idea about ...more

What the 'F...' Is Fracking?

It sounds like it could be a new dance ("Let's do the frack!"). Or maybe it's a cool way to clean your house ("I really fracked my floor this week; it looks great now!")...more
this is such a great post! such substance. I am geared up to watch gasland now!


Palin likes Obama's Energy Plan

Here's substance on Sarah Palin's position on energy.  This is a press archive from her office. She likes what Barack Obama has to say. Here's the link:  http://gov.state.ak.us/archive-59841.html Here's the text:   ...more

The Stakes in Georgia Are Sky High!

Stakes in Georgia Pierce the Sky. PublicFriday, 15 August 2008 ...more

Adventures With Gas or Just One More Reason to Stay "Prayed Up"

... or at least keep a sense of humor. The following is a true story which may either make you laugh or pray if you are a customer of Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW). ( Between you and I, I wasn't laughing through most of this.) ...more


I, too, have had many wierd encounters with utility companies over the ...more