6 Ways to Spring Into Your Natural Haircare Regimen

Although spring is officially just a few days away! This means swimsuits, vacations, and of course your springtime haircare regimen. In each season, your natural haircare regimen should change because of the moisture, or lack thereof, in the air. The question is how do we keep our natural hair moisturized while doing all those springtime activities. Here are 6 tips to spring into your natural haircare regimen:...more
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That’s New To Me! Product First Impressions

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-shrinkage knot out conditioner The last time I had some Dark and Lovely on my head it was the 90’s and I was looking to get rid of my curls, not make them pop. I’ve seen this line floating around and it made me curious to see what all the fuss was about. I can’t help but feel some kind of way about Dark and Lovely jumping on the “natural” bandwagon but, who am I to say anything? These are my first impressions after using it twice....more

To You Tube Or Not To You Tube?

I’m a bit late to the game but when I read this post on Naturally Curly.com I wanted to weigh in.  Basically there was an episode of LA Hair where a client came in with a quick weave she did herself, and she hadn’t been taking care of her natural hair....more

Hair Wash Regimen: Full Wash Series

We’ve been going strong with the Hair Wash Regimen series. Washing is so important, many stylist quote the same phrase “Your hair styling begins at the shampoo bowl”. Did anyone notice what word they used in that saying? Shampoo. Ok I’m off my soap box..wait I did it again....more

Protective Style on Natural Hair

This past weekend I got my hair straightened, cut, and deep conditioned at Good Hair Day Salon in Duncanville,TX. My stylist Tekayla was a breath of fresh air compared to what I last experienced.  I told her to go ahead and cut all of the split ends that needed to be cut. She continuously asked me if I was sure while she was doing it, I now know why. My hair was at near bra strap length now it is near collar bone length. :''(....more

Get The Frizz Out Naturally!

I love the summer, but the hair frizz? Not so much.  I've tried almost every product available and most leave my hair feeling heavy and greasy.  I started researching the ingredients on the bottle and realized I don't want to put all those chemicals on my hair.  Sooooo off to the internet I went in search of an all natural serum I could make using organic ingredients and here is the best recipe I've found:Anti Frizz Serum Recipe for Hair...more

Natural Hair Care

Have you read the ingredients label on your shampoo lately? No? Well, go ahead, grab your shampoo bottle, and have a look. I’ll wait here. Done? Shocking, no?...more