Could a fever bring gains for autism?

And wouldn't you know it, Drew is sick for spring break. I swear he's sick every spring break; but I'll never forget this one... That's just one of about four posts on that rough spring break. Oh vey! That was a tough place and I'm so thankful that we aren't there anymore....more

The Outlaw Herbalist

Herbal healing is the gentlest, most natural, means of regaining your well-being. In my years of practice as a professional herbalist, I have worked with many, many woman helping them better understand themselves so they can regain their vitality. Learning the steps you can take to care for yourself is profoundly healing. The empowerment you gain by honoring your inner goddess, your natural cycles, & passing that knowledge is a personal revolution....more

Did Your Mama Ever Tell You... drink some celery juice for your tooth ache or put some turmeric on your sun burned skin?I bet she didn´t.My mum certainly did not. My mum would recommend what the doctor would recommend. And he or she in turn would recommend what he or she had learned at medical school. Or - very often - what the pharmaceutical sales representative told her would be a good solution....more

Wonder Pill - black and healthy. it worked for me.

Before I became vegetarian, I was on the Atkins diet, and the price I paid for that was an overnight stay on the ER in Miami during my vacations so the doctors can prescribe me nothing but pain killers.  I knew I had the Gout because my left leg was swollen and my uric acid was too high from the diet....more

Is like Healthy solutions over HMO's paying addictionsmore

Healing bumps, accidents and upset easily and naturally:

Natural Wisdoms: A weekly feature: ...more