5 Gift Ideas for Natural Living

Are you interested in living well naturally? Take a look at these gift ideas for living well, that include aromatherapy gifts, essential oils, aromatherapy soy candles, tea gifts, organic food gift baskets and eco-friendly handmade jewelry gifts. Read more from 5 Gift Ideas for Natural Living from Gifts Ready To Go...more

Top 5 Essential Oils for a Wonderful Mind & Body

Top 5 Essential Oils for a Wonderful Mind & BodyIt’s no secret – I’m an essential oil fanatic and use oils in every aspect of my life, from cooking to cleaning to moisturizing. Of course, I do have my favorite go-to essential oils that I use the most and I thought it would be awesome to share them with you. Here’s how my favorite oils can help you live better....more

Natural Powder Foundation

I have been searching for a natural foundation for a while now. And although there are many options for bought natural foundations, I can’t bring myself to accept the price that they’re selling for. That’s right, I’m cheap....more

Coconut Oil... Miracle in a Jar!

I love coconut oil it makes my hair and skin so soft. I have heard of oil-pulling too but ...more

New Years Intentions, 2014

So, another New Year is upon us! Funny, how that happens. I'm quite relieved, I must say, as 2013 has not been the best year for us. We have been through quite a lot this past year, but as 2013 has drawn to a close,  I think we did pretty well getting through it all....more

The No 'Poo Method: How to Wash Your Hair WithOUT Shampoo!

No, I'm not talking about your bowels. In fact, if there was "no poo" you'd have real problems and you should probably get that checked out. What I'm talking about is shamPOO, or a lack thereof. It's a real thing, I promise. There is an entire website about it and a Facebook Group dedicated to it. I'm giving you some real info that will change your life. Change your life, I say!!...more
well do you have any alternatives to baking soda cause i truly can't find it anywhere where i live.more

Herbs and Roots

I have already dedicated a post to natural remedies but I have since discovered sooooo much more!  Here is the Herbal Remedies 2nd edition!  ...more

Being vegetarian in the modern natural living world

It appears that I've been forgetting to cross-post, there's about 10 other posts on my blog Natural Living Adventures! ...more