Vibrational Medicine and How to Fix What Hertz

Using Vibrational MedicineOur words are a frequency, wavelength, vibration and an expression of energy. Measureable frequency is recorded in Hertz. When we speak our voices are sound waves that can be measured ulitmately in Hertz....more

Natural Remedies for Sore Muscles: Bath Salts

I love finding natural remedies for everyday ouchies. There are several essential oils that are great for sore muscles and I like having options that don’t make me smell like Ben-Gay....more

A is for ASTHMA: Essential Oils for Support and Prevention

Yet again, I’ve been having conversations with two friends about their children, themselves and Asthma.My family has been blessed to not have to experience the frightening, panic ridden feelings of an Asthma attack.  If you had one you know how it is.  And if you have ever watched one, you know the feeling of helplessness that floods over you as you watch some gasping for air.So, if any of you are suffering with Asthma now, or know someone who is, I think it’s time to Blow the Whistle on Asthma!...more

The Many Benefits of Green Tea

I'm one of those odd people who really enjoys the taste of green tea and I began drinkng it way before I knew of its many health benefits...The Many Benefits of Green Tea ...more

Honey - the Ultimate Hay Fever Cure

Honey has many health benefits incuding being a completely natural and effective treatment for hay fever...Honey - The Ultimate Hay Fever Cure...more

5 Natural Edible Healing Remedies

Moms Miracle Tea: How to Stop a Runny Nose

We had a very lovely Christmas and were enjoying all the quality family time we could squeeze in while the oldest two were home for college.  Then my husband came down with a terrible cold that turned into a full blown flu.  Man down, but I’m pretty tough and decide I’m not going down.  I drink my antioxidant coffee each morning so my immune systems pretty ramped up.  However, the sniffles soon turn into a runny nose that is more like a faucet than a nose....more

Natural Remedies for Poison Ivy

Did you know that seven out of ten people are allergic to poison ivy? We just returned from a family vacation with one child covered from head to toe with poison ivy. Poison ivy symptoms are pretty straight forward:...more
Washing immediately after exposure is best, of course. It's the oil from the plant that causes ...more

The Great Lice Pandemic of 2012

I get a call this morning as I’m rushing out the door for our Church Tubing party.  It was Grandma.  She had watched Poppet yesterday so I could attend an event.  Apparently there is a head lice issue that has surfaced in the family.  Now, I’ve never had lice, but the thought of these little creatures taking hold in my home is terrifying.  I had to go, and waited the entire ride to the tube park eager to rip of Poppet’s little touque and look for infestations!  No sign of the little buggers!...more