In Honor of the Upcoming Holiday: 20% Off All Consultations!

Over these next two weeks: - We will overeat. - We will over-schedule. - We will have lots of last minute things to do. -...more

21-Day Chapparal Cleanse Review

Yesterday was the last day of our 21-Day Chapparal Cleanse. ...more

Care Package

- this post otherwise entitled "This is how you Get Well Soon!" er, package. ...more

An Easy Winter Tip for Toasty Toes (using cayenne!)

As I'll say below, I first got the idea for this trick from my herbal "bible" - 10 Essential Herbs...more

That's Right, There's Water Coming Out of My Nose. What?

With the winter approaching and everyone having sniffles and coughs and throat-clearings and the like, I thought it would be a good idea to share my secret weapon against chilly weather maladies.  (don't be afraid....more

Ferritin and Restless Leg Syndrome: Natural Remedies

After about 3 weeks of regular iron supplementation, I started to notice a difference in my son's sleep patterns. He wasn't waking nearly as much, he had stopped kicking/bucking his legs, stopped traveling all over the bed, and didn't want to nurse all night long as he had before. He also started to fall asleep in about 15 -20 minutes versus two hours of running around the house. He was still waking once or twice, but this was a huge improvement from every other hour....more
I just want to add that magnesium (citrate) before bedtime (nature's muscle relaxer) is often ...more

Herbal and Natural Remedies for Pets

Animals, like humans, can suffer from a plethora of common ailments that can make their lives miserable. This is why loving pet parents need to not only protect their pets from the discomforts that can besiege them; they should also find a way to do so without the use of harsh chemicals.The solution of course is via the use or of organic, holistic an herbal remedies that are gentle and safe for not only animals but their human caretakers. ...more

Common Uses for Bach Flower Essences

For thousands of years, our ancestors used natural remedies to help individuals with physical or mental health problems.  These formulas were passed from generation to generation for centuries until modern medicine came into being.  Modern medicine, while it saves lives and does amazing things, may be missing out on the potential benefits ...more

Top Teething Solutions by Natural Moms

Moms interested in natural remedies and avoiding over-the-counter solutions for teething babies have discovered a wealth of safe options. But if you're a new mom entering teething for the first time, or a mom of a particularly challenging teether, where can you turn to find this information? ...more