Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter is just a few days away and it's time for family gatherings with the kids, in the kitchen having fun dying and decorating eggs. And what do we pull out? Food coloring: an artificial color additive and toxic chemical used to add color to processed foods, drinks, and condiments... even the dye in our jeans are the same "color" found in these foods. But don't worry, the FDA has regulated to where the dyes must be labeled on the ingredient list for consumers; feel safer? (kidding)....more

Common Crunchy Phrases That Make This Hippie Chick Cringe

It's true. I have strong feelings about what's best for my family regarding breastfeeding, baby wearing, discipline, school, our food choices and more. I think the "granola lifestyle" is a great way to live that will bring you personal health and peace and I truly believe that those benefits ripple through our society as more people choose this path. Our lifestyle choices are carefully thought-out. We're not just jumping on a bandwagon.  For that reason, it's frustrating when people immediately dismiss us as "fruity" or "fringe."...more

Is Everybody Doing It?

We Hippies live near Toledo, OH and Handsome Hippie Hubby works there.  Last week we witnessed what happens when world comes to a screeching halt for nearly half a million people when an algae bloom on Lake Erie contaminated the city's water supply.  Residents of the city and many surrounding communities (thankfully not ours) were told not to drink, or even touch, the water coming out of their taps....more

Feral Domesticity

A post about the joy of being a homemaker without being shackled by unreasonable and toxic

The Evidence May Show That GMOs Are Safe But I Still Avoid Them

My family avoids eating GMOs.  I can't say we NEVER eat them. We had GMO corn taco shells this week and cookies from a local bakery that almost certainly uses conventional ingredients. A recent trip to a nearby burger joint was what our family refers to as a "crap fest." It was delicious! Healthy? Well... uh... it was delicious....more
Well done, Lazy Hippie Mama.  You're hardly lazy.  I agree with you about GMO food labeling. ...more

Compost My Life; Lord

 I started composting my pile this time last year. It seemed like it took forever!! But, it was worth it because it has been a great experience for the kids learning about oxygen, nitrogen, etc. etc.,,,,,, I got a few tips from Earth EasyAnd from that I had an idea....more

4 [natural] Reasons to Start a Family in Philadelphia

Okay, so I don't live in Philadelphia, but I live close enough to reap all of the benefits the metro area has to offer.  After an 8 month absence, I'm excited that my family is moving back to the Philadelphia area because of the plethora of resources, activities and abundance of like-minded parents....more

Can Your Period Make You Sick?

I wasn't going to write anything today because I'm just not feeling very well.  It's nothing serious. I just have a little springtime cold that's nagging at me. It makes me feel tired and unmotivated. You know... even more than usual. But then I noticed something and I got curious and did a little research and learned something new so I thought I would share it....more

If You Don't Have Any Clover You Can Never Get Lucky

image credit: freedigitalphotos.netWe have a neighbor with a perfect lawn. His grass is thick and bright green and no weed would dare rear it's seedy head....more

Feeding the Family on a Budget

For most families, the biggest household expense after housing is food. Feeding a large family, in particular, can get very expensive, especially if you want to feed your family well. But it is possible to keep food costs down without sacrificing nutrition. Here are my tips for feeding a family on a budget: Try to stick to a whole food, vegetarian diet. I realize this won’t work for everyone, as there are lots of die-hard meat-eaters out there!...more