Smart like Mom

My husband and I are smart about different areas of life. I've always been happy about that, because I think we round each other out nicely - I know stuff he doesn't know and vice versa. I remembered being elated about our intelligence balance when we had our son, because I imagined all the various ways we could teach him what we knew....more

The Sanctuary

It's been about a year since I've celebrated holidays in the traditional way.  I smile when I think back to all the amazing moments I've experienced. However,  I've learned throughout the course of the year, that I can't be stuck in old thought patterns with the way things "used to be." It's a new life and a new world for me. Time to embark on new journeys....more

Cannabis is Powerful Medicine

After living through decades of the War on Drugs, even though laws have changed in a majority of States, there is still a stigma attached to one of the most healing herbs on the planet: cannabis.                Cannabis was the most widely prescribed medicine until the early 1900's, and has never caused one single death.  Before cannabi...more

How's It Going Wednesday #7

~My first trip for the year to Stanley Park was amazing! I was exhausted by the end of my trip, but it was worth it! I'm hoping future visits will allow me to see more wildlife, while keeping my distance. I did get to sit with some ducks and geese. Patience like the Buddha, is what it took. I just sat on a rock, by a pond and let them do their thing. The geese actually led their goslings closer to me, grooming and taking naps. (You can see a few pictures here.)...more

Riding The Tide: Life Lessons from the Jellies

Jellyfish (or jellies, as scientists tend to prefer) are the most energy-efficient swimmers in the sea. For the most part, they depend upon the ocean to carry them where they need to go -- or to bring the things they need to them. Their practically non-existent gelatinous bodies simply float along, surrendering to the power of the ocean currents all around them.  ...more

Deer Hunting is not just about hunting

This weekend is the beginning of gun deer season here in Wisconsin. Yes, I'm one of those people who goes out and "kills Bambi" as the anti-hunters put it. Last year, I did not get any deer. It didn't bother me too bad as that is only part of my hunting experience. Yes, getting a deer is only part of it.I enjoy the outdoors as well. Sitting out in nature completely still in silence is a different experience if you've never tried. You hear everything. It is so quiet. It is relaxing and calming....more
I'd go fishing with my father and brother when I was younger.  I didn't mind those times when ...more

Beauty of "Darkness"

NaBloPoMo nov.6 Prompt :  The Darkness. As any child would I was afraid of darkness. It was like somebody is looking at me with big wide eyes, big foot, Yeti or may be a mothman. Holding a light in the darkness is really scary for me. Staying in the darkness without a light is somewhat comforts me. It’s like I’m camouflaging. Like prehistoric people I’m still a little afraid to the dark. I have to admit I'm not proud about that. But I love the night as well. The calmness, the quietness; it’s soothing. Best time of the day for me is the night....more


The Clarity of a Red Pepper

"Why is it that we have to wait until we are 50 years old, before we see just how beautiful a red pepper is?," Sandy Dennis says this to Alan Alda in the 1981 movie The Four Seasons.  I say “say” because she wasn't asking. She already knows. ...more
Skirt in the Kitchen  Thank you so much!more

Why kids need to play outside - reason #387438 in a series

This ad, from a manufacturer of sugar bombs granola bars, is apparently making some waves online as being "hard-hitting". Meh. Personally, I find it terribly contrived. Watch for yourself:  ...more