Have You Made Homemade Granola? What About Savory Granola?

I don't love sweets for breakfast, but I'm supposed to be trying new things this month, so I figured I'd give homemade granola a whirl -- with inspiration from some BlogHers who've created their own granola recipes, plus a quick search to see if "savory granola" has ever been attempted before. ...more

She used to make it and give everyone a big bag for Christmas every year. Now I make it myself. ...more

Healthy Back to School Snacks and Lunches

This is a list of snacks and lunches that are not only healthy, nutritious, and re-energizing, but are also quick to prepare in the morning, and can keep both of my kids happy without impairing their popularity at school.http://cuceesprouts.com/2010/08/healthy-back-to-school-snacks-and-lunches/...more