The colors of November

It started with yesterday’s sunset.  A rainbow of colors were splashed across the sky.  What I didn’t know was that they were a hint of things to come.Read more......more

A walk with the wind

I went for a walk with the wind yesterday.  It was a short walk because I’m trying not to overdo.  When I stepped outside, a big gust nudged me in the middle of my back with the message to move forward.  Forward meant to the meadows where the goldenrod seeds littered the air, backlit by the late afternoon sun....more

Fall in Maryland

Yesterday was a gorgeous, warm fall day. Late in the afternoon while driving home my eyes witnessed nature's awesome beauty. I snapped these photos with my mobile phone. Pretty awesome pics, eh? What kind of phone you ask? HTC one x+...more

Sky Moods

We crested the top of the pass and I gasped. The moon shone bright above the peak of a mountain. It was a big, full moon. A harvest moon. I asked my son to slow the car. I rolled down the window and leaned out with my camera in hand, trying to capture the scene.  I snapped a couple pictures, unsatisfied with the results.“You like sky pictures, don’t you?” my daughter’s friend asked me from the back seat. We were on our way home from a softball game.“Why do you think that?” I asked....more

Meanwhile, back at the

The girls and I made it down here yesterday, thanks to Daddy,who has to stay up and work for a day or two more. We had a good night, and managed to stay tucked in until 4:30am, when we universally agreed it was time for an early morning walk. It was awesome. The quietness of the woods and shore, the crickets, and the brightness of the stars made it worth being alone with the girls in nature. It goes without saying that we had a flashlight just in case there were four-legged critters**read raccoons**coming out from the woods. ...more

Slowing Down and Seeing God Through My Camera Lens

I take a lot of pictures. I mean, a lot of pictures. Ever since we bought one of those cameras that makes a regular mom look like a semi-capable photographer, I have probably taken somewhere in the thousands. I easily unload 100+ a week from my smart card. Sometimes I worry that I’m guilty of watching life happen through a lens rather than right in front of me. But other times, I know that my kids -- my babies -- are growing up in a blur and I feel that if don’t snap those precious moments, they might just fade away. ...more
I love this.  I feel the same way so often.  I don't want to take pictures with the idea of ...more

In The Midst of Storms

Life's been rough lately. I needed a writer's get-away. Truth is, I just needed to get-away. Escape. Change this rut of sadness I seem to be in. I packed a half of a peanut butter and jam sandwich, a cheese stick and a thermos of something to drink. I grabbed my notebook, pens and camera and off I went....more

The Healing Power of Nature

"Nature Can and Does Provide a Sense of Harmony and Peace." -Dora van Gelder Kunz ...more

Nature Playdate!

This weekend we did as those who have gone before us...We rode some ponies...    ...more

What to Do with Wild Bunnies

Eastern cottontails are a frequent sight as they sprint across lawns in the spring. My mom and dad's grassy yard is hopping with bunnies. One mama bunny loved their yard so much that she decided to have her babies beside the front porch. We discovered the nest on Easter when their 100 pound German shepherd gingerly snagged a screaming baby in her mouth. The rabbit's scream echoed in my head from my past life as a wildlife rehabilitator. I yelled at the dog. She dropped it, and I picked up the pinkish, short-haired screaming neonate....more