Berry Grateful Birds

Somewhere along the line my gardening goals evolved from feeding myself to feeding the wildlife that frequent my garden. Then I took it a step further; attempting to attract even more fauna to feast upon my more at

God's Hand

It took me a while, but I finally know why folks out here on the Great Plains call this God’s country.   ...more

Tsunamis and Other Animal Predictions

With the recent tsunami tragedy in the Samoas, I can't help but recall the disastrous Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 which claimed nearly 230,000 human lives but very few animals. By all accounts, beasties in the region sought higher ground hours before the massive waves hit land, including an elephant who immediately broke free of the chains she'd been wearing for years. ...more

Well said. Now, if anyone needs me, I'll be in my cave eating bugs and ...more

The Haves Vs. the Have Nots: Why We Must Fight Senate Bill 792

I was reading a story in the SF Bayview about how the CA Governor is planning to sell off as much of CA as he can get away with. The excuse being given is the poor economy but I think this may have been one of his agendas all along. ...more

Caster(ation): South African Runner Sprints into Gender Controversy

Mashups are all the current rage from photographs and graphic media to musicians looping classical or jazz riffs throughout their urban beats and world grooves.  These efforts are lauded as bold innovations, explosions of creativity, and daring advancements in art and industry.  In nature, when mashups occur they are problems, labled "disorders" requiring correction.  ...more

Perspective 101: Just Add Chipmunks

by Alice Pettway ...more

Tenacious Diary: Whales Before Breakfast

by Lydia Chaverin McKenzie ...more

Organic Body Care Giveaway!

AMAZING Organic Body Care!! ...more


Check out my new blog called Plenty: A Blog About Living a Life of Plenty at my website And while you are at it, have a look around! Thanks.  ...more

Nature as art

It was 100 degrees in Houston today.  Did you hear me?  ONE HUNNID DEGREES.  And it's just JUNE.  It's been like this for the past week or so, and there seems to be no end in sight -- just sunshine and heat for days on end.  I shudder to think what July and August are going to be like around here. As a result, everything is starting to turn a dismaying shade of brown.  Personal lawns are still somewhat green (as we rack up our water bills), but the wild woods and other green spots are beginning to struggle.  People are staying indoors in the airconditioned coolness.  It's hard to enjoy nature when it's baking outside -- we Houstonians will wait until late September when it starts to cool down again, thank you very much. Luckily for us, I've noticed a trend in art lately:  incorporating imagery and lines borrowed from nature in prints and other beautiful decorative arts.   These beautiful pieces might be just the things to surround yourself when you can't bear to get outside in harsh or inclement weather. ...more