Land messages a place of sense

Kathy Dunn it has been many years and yet it does seem like yesterday. Amazing how your writing ...more

Sharing Nature

 It was bright and beautiful and 72 degrees.I wore a short sleeve t-shirt and lots of bug spray.  I packed the fillet knife and some Ziploc baggies. I stuck my book of edible plants in the bag too, just in case I came across anything interesting. I grabbed my rod and Primrose grabbed her favorite stick....more

Heading to PA for Nature and Spiritual Rest

Friday we are setting out for our woodland summer cottage on a small lake in PA. The cabin is right next to the water and we see lots of wildlife. Every night, we canoe to the wild end of the lake and see a bold eagle pair that have nested there for 7 years. We also see beaver and a Great Blue Heron, turtles and deer. Occasionally, we see the black bear and cubs. We keep a good distance from her. It is a place of spiritual renewal, rest and wellness. I will also continue to work at marketing my book, Enfolded in Silence/A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood....more

walk through the woods (pictures)

I toot my kids to the local Arboretum an enjoyed a nice day in the woods. here is our trip in pictures.                                        ...more

Spring in the Northwest

Maybe it's that I have a lifetime of memories that involve rain, having spent most of my life in the Pacific Northwest, but I truly don't mind the grey, wet days. ...more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

R&R: Ripples and Reflections This is my first time participating in a photo challenge but I immediately knew what I wanted to write after reading the guidelines.  Here is the post:...more

Last Child In The Woods

The lives of our kids are so much different than ours were.  Not just slightly different either, hugely different.  I was telling my kids stories about it the other day, as I often do.  One day they'll get tired of hearing "When I was a kid ...", but they haven't yet.  Anyway, I was telling my kids about how we used to skate on the Cow Pond when we were kids.  I didn't realize how city-fied they are until they...more

My 150th blog post : Aachoooo ! Sniff !

This marks my 150th blog post. Yay !...more

Ah, the noise

There’s one thing I am quite looking forward to …. a decrease of the noise in my life. Here in the city, it seems the term “fish mongers wife” never died because that’s all I seem to be hearing here lately.Doesn’t anyone speak in an inside voice anymore? I get on public transportation with school teens and my head is splitting before my day starts and the headache just lingers and lingers. The only peace my head gets is at Undisclosed location. ...more

The first snow

A taste of winter arrived this morning, blown in by the cold winds from the north.  It was 28 degrees when I went out for my walk.  The wind has been blustery, between 15 and 20 mph.  I had to dig out my winter gear.  Sometime and somewhere during the move, I lost a mitten.  Not just any mitten.  It was one of my mitten-gloves, where there’s a flap that folds over the fingers.  They are my favorite mittens because it makes it easy to free up my fingers to use the camera when I want to.  I’m sure it will show up eventually....more