Grief Reflected in Nature

I never really thought about whether or not animals mourn until a few weeks ago when Steve and I were watching a program that has forever touched my heart.Did you know that dolphins grieve? We watched as a dolphin gave birth to her baby and brought it to the surface of the water so it could take its first breath. After a few minutes of her repeatedly nudging it to the surface........more

Promises of Fall

Sometimes I get the Sunday Blues. ...more

Wait...Was that a Mountain Lion?

I'm not sure how or why, but for some odd reason I've developed a huge fear of mountain lions. Personally, I blame Google and its abundant availability of frightening information. Naturally, this phobia was top-of-mind when my sister and I visited Curt Gowdy State Park in Wyoming a few weeks ago....more

Alive in the Moment; A Jaunt Through Nature

The times I stop and stare at beauty bring me an incomparable inner calm. “Alive in nature” brings me many life well-lived moments. Here are some.I’ve been after some fawns the last several weeks trying to get photographs. ...more
So precious!  I just love to watch them when I am visiting in the country.  I just get so ...more

Teaching My Son While Facing My Fears

I earned my stripes as a Master Naturalist the other day. It might only be in the minds of my husband and I, but I definitely grew considerably, both professionally and personally.My family and I are at my father's cabin in the Catskills for a week of vacation. We arrived a few days ago in the later evening, and were occupied with putting the kids to bed and then passing out ourselves, so exploring had to wait until the following morning.After breakfast was finished and cleaned up, I heard “Wow”, from my husband out on the screen porch....more

Mornings On The Farm

Sometimes the most interesting things happen during the day when we are doing the morning milking. Now, admittedly, I am not a morning person. My body would prefer staying up to the wee hours of the morning as opposed to getting up with the birds. Yet I can appreciate the utility of getting an early start on the morning chores around the farm, especially during the hottest months of the year. Rising at the break of dawn to milk means getting all the animals fed and watered before the great fiery orb we rotate around has a chance to scorch the very earth we inhabit. ...more

Wonderstruck Outdoor Adventures

What have you been wonderstruck by this week?For me it was time spent outside with friends by a river and at a farm. It was the woodland creatures that have been scuttling and fluttering through our yard now that the weather is warm. It was the taste of strawberries fresh from the patch.  ...more

Imagine Segway'ing Your Way Through Hawaiian Flowers & Forests?

One of the things you quickly feel when you land in Hawaii, especially the Big Island, is that you want to spend more time out in nature. It's one of the reasons it's such an early to bed kinda place - people are eager to get up early to take in all that the natural beauty of the islands have to offer. Hawaii's natural surroundings, its diverse vegetation, its tropical fruit trees, and vibrant colorful flowers take you to a different galaxy if you'll allow yourself to go there....more

Naturally Sedating that Menopausal Wailing Banshee

In these few passing months I have slowly but surely come to feel happy and blissful again, having found some freedom from that ever wailing Menopausal Banshee. The remedy: keeping busy—cooking to my heart’s content, unpacking boxes, re-arranging furniture—and lots of fresh air and sunshine. By Spending many quiet, quality hours in my garden, I have found comforting peace in Nature, amongst my fruit trees and thriving vegetables....more
 @Bad Luck Detective Oh, Suzie...I just keep falling in-love with you, over and over.... You ...more

Boys, Geese, Moms, Wine

Here are things we learned this weekend...1. When the kids ask for you to get a boogie board down in the garage in April, you better ask, "What for?"...more