Raising Sons & Daughters Who Speak for the Trees (The Lorax Edition)

This past weekend have been so much fun with my husband done with finals and spending time with us without thinking of work or school. On Saturday, we woke up and didn't have a plan. After a sumptuous breakfast, I proclaimed that we were driving to Pittsburgh, a whopping 2.5hours away from home....more

A houseplant I named Hope

I woke up this morning and decided to name one of my houseplants Amal, the Arabic word meaning ‘hope’. This plant, a variety of yucca if I am not mistaken, has been nameless since the day I bought it from a moving sale more than six years ago....more
Thank you for this beautiful illustrated meditation!   Warmly, Isabelmore

Thing-A-Day 2012 Day Eighteen: Shocked Worm

This is Mr. Shocked Worm. Soon to be Mr. PTSD Worm....more

Raising Bird Watchers?

One of our favorite places to visit is the Nature Center. It's a beautiful place along the river in a forest preserve not far from our house. Huge cages sit in a row along a walking path. Each cage holds one animal that has been rescued and can now longer survive out in the wild. There is a skunk whose scent gland was removed when she was a pet, and a bald eagle who was hit by a car. One of her wings is missing. There is a red-tailed hawk, a barred owl and a Great Horned Owl. ...more

Life Lessons From the Coop

 We lost Salt this weekend. When we decided to add chickens to our menagerie, I knew the risks. We live in a subdivision, but we also live in a forest. A river borders our property. And we've always loved spying wildlife in our backyard. Deer. Possums....more
 @BlueRoseMama Hi Val! I adore that your sweet baby learned to say "hi" to the chickens--that's ...more

Natural Beauty: It's All In How You Look At It

At this time last year, I was drowning in snow.  Every weekend I slogged, dragged, shoveled, pushed and slipped my way around the Sierras during a record setting snowfall season.  Snow was the center of every conversation and the focus of every day....more

Stream of Consciousness: To be a kid again

I now remember why I loved playing and running outside in the fresh air as a kid. It is so much fun! Yesterday we went to the Dallas Arboretum for the afternoon. It was a beautiful day; the sun was shinning and it was about 10 C, or 50 F for all my America friends!...more

Wordless Lake Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday, a simple post which features a photo to convey a message that speaks for itself without using words; well not a lot of words!Where I spent my  winter holidays and summers as a kid! Yes, that is snow at the bottom.  ...more

What Inspires Me

Struggling for a post again today, I stepped outside for a much needed stretch.  My intention was just to take a few deep breaths and go back in, but the air was fantastic. It was a presence around my body – warm and soft and the wet smell of earth filled me with pleasure. When I breathed deeper, I swear I could smell winter just underneath the warm and the wet… Waiting. But it wasn’t here today; today was humid – a humid I thought I wouldn’t feel again until spring. No breeze, but my movements as I began to walk rippled my long skirt behind me and chilled my fingertips....more

Wordless trees Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday, a simple post which features a photo to convey a message that speaks for itself without using words; well not a lot of words.Beautiful Augusta, GA!...more