Weekend Continued...

This past weekend was just beautiful.  We didn't have much in the way of sun but the temperature was perfect and the birds were very happy, as was I.  The hammock didn't come out like planned but I did spend most of my time on the screened porch, even napping on the rocking couch.  I had a great morning reading, journaling, napping and watching all the birds find my feeders.  I moved a sprinkler around to the various places in the yard to which the robins were very happy to find several worms peeking up. ...more

Bike ride on the C&O Canal in Maryland

Hey ladies,   Blogging about my recent bike ride on the C&O Canal.  Enjoy!- Melanie...more

"A" is for Artifact





Communing with Trees

I grew up traipsing through the woods. We called them "woods," my friends and I, but really, they were just a dense strip of trees big enough to hide in when the leaves were full in the summer, and small enough to see to the other side in the winter. I loved those woods with its Maples, Birches and Oaks. The snap of twigs underfoot, the smell of damp dirt and sour, leaf decay, the belly scratches from tree climbing and then watching those same trees turn yellow or orange or red in the Fall - those were some of my happiest  moments as a child....more
We have a small patch of woods behind our house; you have to cross our  neighbor's driveway and ...more

Raising Sons & Daughters Who Speak for the Trees (The Lorax Edition)

This past weekend have been so much fun with my husband done with finals and spending time with us without thinking of work or school. On Saturday, we woke up and didn't have a plan. After a sumptuous breakfast, I proclaimed that we were driving to Pittsburgh, a whopping 2.5hours away from home....more

A houseplant I named Hope

I woke up this morning and decided to name one of my houseplants Amal, the Arabic word meaning ‘hope’. This plant, a variety of yucca if I am not mistaken, has been nameless since the day I bought it from a moving sale more than six years ago....more
Thank you for this beautiful illustrated meditation!   Warmly, Isabelmore