Llangloffan Fen

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Red Admiral

Image from the web...more

New 7 Wonders of Nature - Cast Your Vote

The mission of The New7Wonders Foundation, founded by Swiss-born Canadian Bernard Weber, has the express aim of documenting, maintaining, restoring and reconstructing world heritage under the motto: “OUR HERITAGE IS OUR FUTURE.”...more
@TheSucculentWife It deserves it! Such a beautiful spot!more

Dragonfly Sex

Must have missed dragonfly sex in school. Heck, was interested in all sorts of mating rituals, fascinated actually. Remember asking lots of questions and was usually "shhh'd" or hearing;  "run along now" so this meant looking in LOTS of National Geographic books with many trips to the library. Nature was fascinating and mating even more so....more

Funky Mushrooms

Earlier today I grabbed my doggy, camera and off to the Rödeby forest in Sweden we went. And I found a lot of mushrooms there, funky mushrooms!More photos at: Funky Mushrooms...more
Mushrooms...I LOVE mushrooms! And I really appreciated your picture of the mushroom. Gorgeous! ...more

Man vs Wild


I'm Asian, and I'm Going Camping!

This Labor Day weekend, I’m heading to Yosemite National Park with my family for a weekend of camping, hiking and swimming. Every summer, we spend several days camped out in a national park – no Internet, TV, cell phones, or electricity....more
@Shannon LC Cate That's a good point about racism and homophobia en route to the ...more

crab fishin'

Though we prefer going to the lake house during the winter, we usually spend our summer vacations there too. This year wasn’t any different.  The thing I like the most about going there is all the nature and wildlife that surround us. (I should bring the camera with me more often, so I don't miss anything. Last week we bumped into a curious, supercute squirrel standing on a tree branch. It was staring at us just waiting for me to take its picture......more