Under the lightning moon

“Old Woman is watching watching over you with her bones become a loom she is weaving watching over us weave and mend golden circle weave and m...more

Fruits and flowers along the way

Yesterday Lisen and I walked to my sister. Along the way grew lots of lovely colorful flowers and wild fruits like cherries, raspberries and apples. So a perfect photo opportunity for me!Full post and photos at: Fruits and flowers along the way...more

Fallen tree

Today I decided to take Lisen to the forest. However, we didn't get very far because of this fallen tree on the forest road. I even got out of the car in the pouring rain to try and pull the tree aside.Full post: Fallen tree...more

Your Patriotic Duty

The USA is not just about the wonderfully diverse human beings that live here. It is also about the wonderfully diverse wildlife that lives here, including our national symbol, seen here in all its glorious wildness at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. ...more

A sacred pause

“A pause is a suspension of activity, a temporary disengagement when we no longer move toward any goal. It can occur during almost any activity and last for an instant, for hours, or for seasons of life. We may pause by stepping out of daily life for a retreat, to spend time in nature, or to take a sabbatical. We may pause in conversation, letting go of what we're about to say to genuinely listen to and be with the other person. We may pause when we are suddenly delighted or saddened, allowing the feelings to play through our hearts.” – Tara Brach...more

Cursed with Parsel Ped

Yes, like parseltongue (from Mr. H. Potter). My oldest and I seem to be gifted with parsel ped. Infliction or gift of the foot, otherwise known as the ability to tread so lightly that you almost step on snakes (and sometimes lizards) during the heat of snake season. Which is definitely upon us now....more

Father's Day: For My Dad

You were never much of a hunter. Pheasants, yes. Squirrels and chipmunks, I suppose, when you were younger. But you never came home from a weekend away with a buck in the bed of your truck, because you never had much interest in deer opener and you owned a sedan. I imagine some people from other places can hardly conceive of a Midwestern man without a shotgun over his mantle, a closet full of blaze-orange jackets, a copy of Field and Stream next to the john. And yet when I think of you, I do see an outdoorsman. I see you paying attention to landscapes, to the clouds. I see you teaching me to love the world....more

And thank YOU for commenting, Sigridmaria. Be well!more

How to Make Sunshine

Today we rose to a sun that was trying it's darndest to burn through the mist that shrouds the redwoods. It'd peek through momentarily, lighting up the whole living room, and within minutes hide again beyond the mist....more

You have a way with words! I felt I was there...Thank you for the sunshine.

Yes..here in ...more

Seagulls, Moms, Life and Death

When I think of seagulls, I think of irksome squawks, poo, sausages, and now – death.  I know that they’re birds, animals that are said to symbolise the soul or freedom.  And I know that they’re white, a colour which can signify purity, innocence or virtue.  But any mom who witnessed what I and other moms witnessed this past week would likely join the Consortium to Sort Out Sick-Making Seagulls.  Call it maternal revenge.  Prior to what shall henceforth be referred to as The Seagull Incident, the idyllic backcloth – picnic remnants that somehow indicate that...more

6 Free iPhone Apps to Get Tiny Techies Learning Outdoors

My educational philosophy is that a genuine, physical connection generates the best learning opportunities. Children can use all of their sense to explore, ask questions, and perform experiments in the giant laboratory of the natural world. ...more

just downloaded Project Noah for Charlie.