5 things that all girls need to know going into the NBA playoffs

5 things that all girls need to know going into the NBA playoffsEvery girl wants their boyfriend to think that they are “cool enough” to hang with the guys. Well it’s that time  of year again when your boyfriend is glued to EPSN to watch the NBA playoffs. The hype has been possibly, even higher this year with the Donald Sterling racism remarks; so here are 5 things that you need to know so that you can join in the sports talk with your man:...more

Donald Sterling Has Always Been A Racist

As Donald Sterling lawyers up to sue the NBA for banning him for life, and attempting to strip him of his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers, the questions mount as previous cases of Sterling being a racist, arise....more

Is the Position Of Point Guard Overrated?

Now's The TIme to Trade Rajon Rondo/Jeff Green

The Celtics are currently right at the beginning of a the rebuilding process as the trade deadline approaches. The team is struggling as expected but need to make a deal at the trade deadline. No matter what the Celtics record may be they need to trade Rajon Rondo or Jeff Green at the trade deadline before they lose value....more

Boston Celtics - Confirmed Tank Mode

So I was at last nights Celtics - Rockets game last night and it was so incredibly obvious that the Celtics are better than their record, but are in tank mode....more

NBA All–Star Week Must See MFAH Gallery Exhibit: This Spanish Exhibit Will Only Be Seen in the United States at MFAH Houston’s T

Barron's Medical Journal Reporting from This Years National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Star Game: Houston, Texas NBA All–Star Week Must See MFAH Gallery Exh...more

Here's What's Wrong with Sport$

There is something dramatically wrong with sports these days and there's only one way to fix it: get rid of the money.It used to be that athletes made average salaries, that taking your family to a live sporting event did not require a bank loan and that all sports were available on television for free as long as they aired on one of the three national networks.  Now?  Those things are fantasies of a past life....more