All Hail (McHale) Community's Return to Thursday Nights

Community-fans, rejoice!  The phoenix is rising and Greendale Community College is finally cracking open the book on 12 new episodes starting this Thursday night. ...more
I'm so excited that Community is back!  We've missed it!  In my quick brush with celebrity file, ...more

What Were Your Favorite Moments at The Golden Globe Awards Ceremony?

Did you watch the Golden Globes on Sunday night? After all the hype leading up to Ricky Gervais' second time as the "naughty" host who would say anything, I thought his performance was rather tame. Over the years, the Golden Globes have started to surpass the Academy Awards as the live television event where anything might happen. The setting is less formal, and with all the stars swigging champagne around dinner tables, the potential for cringe-inducing (or heartfelt) comments is huge....more
Sorry, Jane, I just found this post. I hate missing your posts, DARN IT! Anyhow, I haven't ...more

New TV Shows: Does Harry's Law Do Justice to Kathy Bates?

It's not surprising that her new television show, Harry's Law, just might be a winner. Producer/writer David E. Kelley is serving up the type of savvy scripts that rocked Ally McBeal, Boston Legal and L.A. Law, and tailoring them to Kathy Bates' cutting delivery and distinctive power. He has written a lead character, Harriet Korn, who was a corporate attorney until a series of mishaps lead her to a new practice in a rundown neighborhood. The result, in Kathy Bates' hands, is an intriguing dramedy that feels both familiar and progressive. ...more
I agree with the majority of posts. While I am a big fan of hers, as an atty it's it's a big ...more

NBC Hates Conan, Madonna, Middle America, Baseball, Apple Pie and You

I can't figure out NBC's vibe these days. The network seems to have become the quintessential grumpy old man, telling people "get off my yard." I feel as though they are sending the message that they hate people, just like when they hated on Conan and Southland. Don't they want us in their yard, raking up their falling ratings? ...more

Becoming the programming goddess of a cable channel or television network is my latest dream ...more

So Leno Bombed at 10PM. NBC, Give An Hour to Broadway!

After watching Jay Leno's appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show (the Goddess from which all blessings stem) I have a better understanding of the debacle NBC hath created and I have a great idea: NBC -- GIVE ONE 10:00 timeslot TO BROADWAY !! ...more

No lack of talent and opportunity to showcase an American art form, I just fear that no one ...more

G.E. and Comcast Strike a Deal for NBC: What It Could Mean for the Future of TV and the Internet

The General Electric Company has agreed to sell a controlling stake in NBC Universal to cable giant Comcast. Comcast will own 51% of a new joint venture with G.E. retaining 49%. While rumors of the pending deal have been swirling for months, the new venture still faces a regulatory confirmation process that deal watchers estimate will take anywhere from 9 to 18 months to complete. ...more

I'm less concerned about net neutrality issues because, even without NBC, Comcast (as you've ...more

Fall 2009 TV Preview: Stars, Stars and More Stars!

Julianna Margulies, Patricia Heaton, John Lithgow, Keith Carradine, Christian Slater, Jenna Elfman, Kelsey Grammer, Chris O'Donnell and L L Cool J. All these stars and more are coming to your Fall 2009 TV screens. If the concept of a year round TV season is like an all you can eat buffet, plentiful but with few memorable morsels, then fall is still when the network chefs trot out their best cuisine for viewers to sample. ...more

How nice of you to explain this to me!!!! Thanks!