Did Griner's Punch Go Too Far? Or Is Aggressive Ball Playing Just a Part of Women's Sports Now?

It pisses me off to no end that people act aghast if a female athlete acts out in an aggressive manner....more

Who Says Girls Can't Dunk?

While the rest of the world was waiting on pins and needles to see who would end up in the NFL Playoffs and the D.C. area was awaiting the fate of Jim Zorn, Brittney Griner was in Waco, Texas dunking twice.You heard me right, and yes, Brittney Griner is a girl.Watch this....more

Are Mean Soccer Girls Unacceptable or are We All Just Overreacting?

As soon as I saw the Elizabeth Lambert video I knew that I would be writing about her this week. Elizabeth is the "mean girl" soccer player that was suspended for rough play this week. She is the girl who was caught on video punching another player in the back and pulling hair.If you watch this video it looks terrible....more

I was raised in a soccer-crazy part of the world: soccer is a contact sport, not a violent ...more


Alright. I don't know if you are a football fan, but basically, if you didn't watch the LSU v FLA game tonight, you must live under a rock. FYI, about 34% of Americans claim football as their favorite sport (http://pewresearch.org/pubs/315/americans-to-rest-of-world-soccer-not-re...). Anyways, I refuse to be a fair-weather fan so, even though the Gators beat my Tigers 13-3, I still love the LSU Tigers. LSU started the game really strong, pumped and positive; however, did not end quite as passionate. They put up a great fight but the game is not over....more

Weekend Full of Upsets

I was sitting quietly working on a post this weekend when my husband called me from his office. "Are you watching this game? USF is beating FSU?"My husband went to the University of South Florida and he had the game live streaming on the internet. He asked me to record the game so he could watch it when he got home and I am so glad he did or I would have missed history being made....more

I love it!  Check out funny side of the NFL on lockerroomconfidential.com



Pomp and Circumstance: Graduation

It's that time of year. All across the country, graduations are taking place. But when they play "Pomp and Circumstance" and call the roll, there will be a number of no-shows at many of these graduation ceremonies. ...more

Basketball, football or the poor and the sick?

An open letter to Governor Perdue and the citizens of the State of North Carolina ...more

With 1,000 Victories, Pat Summitt Inspires Us All

I wrote this for Women's Voices For Change.     ...more

Bowl Games or Playoffs? Where do You Stand on the BCS?

Every sports fan knows that late December brings more that just the holidays. That's right. It is Bowl Game season. I get a little bit weird about the bowl games. I love watching sports anyway, but 34 games in 19 days is like a football bender every year. It is almost as awesome as March Madness. ...more

I have read the blog, and the remarks. . .

I am a guy doing research on the college ...more

The Recession is Killing Sports - On All Levels

This recession is hurting sports on almost every level. We already know that community sports programs lose donations at an alarming rate when things get tight. As parents get desperate to keep their homes little league sports and other extra-curricular activities don't seem so important anymore. Even the public school systems are in big trouble financially. San Jose's East Side Union High School District has proposed a budget that cuts out all athletic programs to save money. ...more

Now, more than ever, we have to support women's sports. Clearly administrators will blame ...more