Ranching Has Gone to the Dogs

Ranching has gone to the dogs…10 Jul, 2014 at 7:39 am | Written by: Leah Peterson...more

Remembering Our Fallen

                The first words we heard set the tone for our visit to the “Remembering Our Fallen” exhibit. Tim McGraw sang: “Laying down my gun, I’m hanging up my boots, I’m up here with God and we’re both watching over you, so lay me down in that open field out on the edge of town, and know my soul is where my momma always prayed that it would go. And if you’re reading this, I’m already home.”...more

Dear Bruce Dern

Dear Bruce Dern,I grew up despising you. I know what you are thinking; that’s not a nice thing to say. But it’s true. Don’t take it personally. I did not like the characters you portrayed. When you played Tom Buchanan in “The Great Gatsby,” you broke my heart when you lied to Wilson and he ended up shooting Jay Gatsby....more

He Said No

Well, Bob Kerrey made it official today. He said ‘no’ to running for the U.S. Senate seat that will be up for grabs in November’s general election.I’m disappointed.I first met Kerrey 30 years ago when he was in Hastings on a campaign visit. I worked in a bar and one of the owners, who donated money to the Nebraska Dems, brought him there for drinks prior to a meeting.The owner came up to me and pointed at Kerrey, saying ‘See that gentleman? One day, he’ll be president.’...more

Nebraska's Abandoned Tweens and Teens: Parents Use Infant Safe Haven Law to Dump Older Children

I have been turning the Nebraska child abandonment cases over in my head since I heard about them last week. First, two children were abandoned--a mother abandoned her 11-year-old son at one Nebraska hospital and an aunt left her 15-year-old nephew at another. Both adults indicated they couldn't handle behavior problems. Next, Gary Staton, widower and father of 10 dropped off nine of his children because he could not afford to care for them any longer and feared they'd become homeless. He said he believed the children would be better off without him. ...more

I think it was possibly the best thing Staton could do if he didn't have lights or running ...more

Go ahead -- Do it. Sue God. After all, a state senator just did.

Nebraska is an interesting state. It is the only state with a unicameral state legislature. And its longest seated state senator, in his last term of office, has decided to sue God. (It has been rumored that term limits were put in place to oust this senator in particular. But rumors are rumors.) Senator Ernie Chambers makes the case that lawsuits are so frivolous that anyone can sue anyone, and since God is everywhere he can be sued by anyone. So, because of the items that your insurance policies may call “acts of God” (floods, tornadoes, etc) God is being sued as a terrorist. ...more

AP (via Yahoo News) says two court documents have been filed in the name of the Almighty ...more