Friday Faves: Lindsay's Necklaces

I started following Lindsay’s Necklaces on Instagram and we connected because I thought her necklaces were so unique and fun. There’s really not another necklace that I’ve seen like it. It’s a great statement piece, fun and summery and they match so many different things (and one difference, like a bead, makes all the difference in the world!). ...more

Friday Faves: What's in My Jewelry Box?

Friday Faves: What's in my Jewelry Box? I like girls know that by now. I love statement pieces and fun pops of color, but I also have some pieces that I really cherish....more

Primary Colors.

I just bought these 3 gorgeous necklaces and I had to share!  ...more

Piece & Tranquility

I think by now, if you've been reading long enough, you realize that I love jewelry. I love a good statement piece that people are going to ask about. I love throwing on a simple shirt and jeans and being able to make it about the jewelry instead of the outfit. I also love local, small businesses. Ashley (Piece & Tranquility) and I connected via Etsy and realized that we are in the same small town! We instantly knew that a blog post was in order!...more

Friday Faves: Bent by Courtney

Imagine fun, statement jewelry that is handmade and hip. Meet Bent by Courtney. I can't say enough amazing things about this jewelry. It's beautiful and well-made and basically goes with everything. You can dress it up or down...seriously, awesome!To continue reading, visit: http://www.georgiapeachmommy.blogspot.comXo,J...more

My Diy necklace 20's


Autumn in... Diy necklace!


My diy polystyrene necklace

Hi everyone, today I'm posting the step by step of this ...more

Diy necklace 1000 bubbles Hi, do you remember the ...more

Grey day, but really wanna color