Progress and BlogHer Friends

Yesterday I decided to follow the advice of two of my BlogHer friends. Jerrilynn said, "The world will not end if you take an hour for yourself, I promise." So I followed her advice and worked on my Large Needlepoint Project for an hour. Slowly...oh so slowly I'm making progress. ...more
 @Kraken It was my pleasure.more

Needlepoint Needs a Renaissance...

The definition of renaissance: a  renewal of life, vigor, interest, etc.; rebirth; revival. Needlepoint needs a renaissance! Yes a renaissance.Quilting had one, knitting and crocheting had one, even beading has had one. I think it's time that needlepoint had its turn. It fits the criteria for an addictive hobby; it's beautiful, detail oriented, requires excellent eye sight and dexterity, produces stunning projects and is EXPENSIVE! ...more

Needlepoint and Sorting Out the Sixties

I took up needlepointing last summer.  I am not sure I can account for how I came to decide to do this.  If you knew me, you'd appreciate why even I am surprised.  My college-age son flinched when he first saw me needlepointing because it just didn't mesh with his image of me.  I'm not sure what his image of me actually is, or even what my own image of me is these days.  When he made a wry comment upon discovering me with threaded needle and canvas in hand, I was defensive but not apologetic, pointing him to the historical aspects of this art and t...more

Crafting a Life: Crafting in Public

With the weather warming up and days getting longer, we can anticipate more occasions to take our crafting outside and create in the great outdoors. Casual evenings of drinks on a patio with a simple stitching project in our lap, picnics in the park. Then there are organized public crafting events that occur each year: STITCH N' PITCH ...more

Thanks for the update on your crafty life.

How interesting that events in one's life can ...more

Let's Go Out To The Ballgame! Stitch N' Pitch, 08!

Summer is right around the corner, which means stitchers are heading outside to cook-outs, soccer games, the beach, and of course Stitch And Pitch, 2008. This is the third year that a national - make that international - Stitch and Pitch event has been planned. If you are unfamiliar with the idea: ...more