I love being Naked!

Nude I remember the very first time when I discovered nude as a color. I always understood nude only to mean naked,or without clothing. However, one  day when my grandmother got dressed for church and I saw her sit on the side of her bed and roll, what look like to me, a layer of transparent skin, up her legs. She was putting on a pair of thigh high stockings....more

Self Image and an Ever Expanding Waistline...

Self imagine is a bitch. It's especially a bitch if you are a woman. Now, I can't speak for men in these struggles and I know that they have their own batches of them, but as an American woman we are scrutinized every day for how we look. The idea of what beauty is changes with the decades, the generations, and the fads. We are held to a standard of what is beautiful by the media and our peers. Unfortunately much of that standard is based on our body shape....more

Going to INSPIRE and help others

Today i realize the hustle and bustle of the school year ending and my husband pointing me in every direction, but in the direction of things i would like to do!!!! So this will be quick. I am beginning to write my own book and in hopes that i will find the time to do so i come to this blog and chat about my everyday life. Although no one knows what has shaped me into who i am today. This book may get me sued or killed but i am going to write my heart out anyway....more
Good luck with your writing. Keep us all up to date on the progress.more

Spring Break Healing Separation

  Today is the beginning of Spring break. Millions of students and their teachers take off and celebrate the new season of renewal. We prepare for the resurrection and the return of our Lord and saviour or we don't. We revel in beach , booze and parties of undeniable consequence.  Some of us do not go that route. Instead we move into prayer or meditation or art or sex or love. But mostly we move where we feel welcomed and loved because that is what life demands of us if we are to live joyfully and fully....more

Hyper Reality Always Out of Reach

The YWCA released a study in mid-August detailing out how dangerous the pursuit of unrealistic standards of beauty is for women and girls. Are women hitting a crisis? This study seems to think so. The study found that nearly 80% of women are dissatisfied with their personal appearance. The most disturbing thing was that 40% of newly diagnosed cases of eating disorders are in young girls. The study says that body image problems start for girls as early as kindergarten. Kindergarten. 5 years old. ...more