5 Tips for Handling Negative Thoughts

"I think I'm afraid to be happy because whenever I get too happy, something bad always happens." ~Charlie Brown...more
Great post! It's so hard to remember to be positive at times.more

Head space invaders

The little voice that lives inside my head right behind my face is an angry little shit goblin; a thought intruder that preys and feasts on any crumb of happy thoughts.  It is an inner spokesperson for all my worse thoughts, fears and bad memories. A voice out of control that wants to ruin everythingEveryone has an inner dialogue where they speak to themselves, replay memories and go over their concerns.  Mine obviously despises me....more

The Miseducated Mindset

The Miseducated MindsetImagine arriving to class and finding that this is the lesson of the day. How long would it take you to realize this is not the class for you?...more

Learning to Trust Your Mind Again

As I've gone about my daily life these past 38 (even though I still feel 27) years, there's been something going on I wasn't aware of, an undercurrent within my own life which I didn't feel pulling me down. ...more

Well I found you at The red Dress Club, CWO, The Lazy Christian and now here. I'm really not ...more

How to turn around your self-destructive thoughts - Part 2

Hey there, narcissists! We're back with some more ways to turn around your cycle of self-destructive thoughts....more

Face Your Fears

I heard someone say, "Do one thing every day that scares you."  Not the kind of "stick your head in the lion's mouth" kind of scary, but perhaps more along the lines of welcoming new challenges and not letting those pesky inner voices talk us out of them.Sometimes, we have an internal dialogue that says, "I can't do that,"  "I'll fail," or "I'm too ________ to do that."...more

If Worrying Were An Olympic Sport, I’d Get The Gold For Sure

It’s a brand new year! Hello 2010, welcome! I wracked my brain over what my first 2010 Blog post should be. Every topic didn’t seem to do a new decade justice. So, I decided to do what I usually do… write about what I’m feeling connected to at the moment. So, with the end of the vacation in sight, and reality about to kick back in real soon, worrying seemed like the perfect topic....more