Here's how the conversation went:Me: I want to make breakfast for dinner.Him: Ohhhhhh...that sounds good. What are you making?(We are southern.)Me: Bacon, Eggs, Potatoes, Biscuits and GravyHim: That seems like a lot.Me: Okay, what do you want?Him: Well, what do you want?Me: I'm starving and really want the gravy and biscuits.Him: Well, don't make too much.Me: Too much what?Him: Food.Me: So, you just want biscuits and gravy?Him: Well, no.....I also want the bacon and potatoes.Me: No eggs?...more
Well, sometimes you just have to haggle about food. I know that hubby and I do the same thing ...more

Adventures in Growing Up: Salary Negotiation

I've never really negotiated my salary before. In part, that's because the only job I've ever been offered for that I realized had a too-low starting salary was my first one out of college, and I was in no place to refuse any work at that point. In part, though, it's been because the idea of negotiation makes me uncomfortable. With women still at something less than 80 cents to the male dollar, it's a big deal. ...more

I'm out of work at present yet I turned down a job recently because their offer was way too low. ...more

Are Your Odds of Asking(And Getting) A Raise The Same As Winning The Lottery?

On the day I started my first job on July 7, 1973 ,I knew that I would be eligible for a salary review on July 7, 1974. I counted the days. I lived for the time when I would see a major increase in my $3.25 an hour pay. May I just say that after five years as a reporter, I walked out of WWBT TV making $5.00 an hour. ...more

Women have long put the cart before the horse. In watching men get hired they forgot that men ...more

Canada and Peru Conclude Negotiations of a Free Trade Agreement

On January 26, 2008, Canada announced that Canada had concluded its negotiations of a free trade agreement with Peru. The Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement (CPFTA) follows the Canada-Peru bilateral investment treaty (called a Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA)) on June 20, 2007. The CPFTA is Canada's sixth free trade agreement (after the North American Free Trade Agreement, Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement, Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement, Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement and Canada-EFTA Free Trade Agreement) ...more