Do You Hang Out With Your Neighbors?

When I was young, I loved the Sesame Street song “People in Your Neighborhood.” Partly because it was a catchy tune and partly because it was a reflection of my own personal experiences growing up. We knew the people we met when we walked down the street, because we actually walked down the street. Or we rode our bikes down the street, or we played outside in the street. The point is: We were visible....more
But you know you made the effort. I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out. We can't pick our ...more

Cherished Childhood Friends Provide a Reason to Keep Blogging

I got the most unexpected and sweet email message last night from R, a childhood friend.Some background: R and her family (mom, dad, sister and brother) lived in a house across the alley from my family’s house in West Virginia all the years I did, from the age of about two through college....more

How to Handle Neighbors Who Worm Their Way into Your Pool

Dear Mouthy Housewives,Help! I think some neighbors are just being friendly to me so I'll invite them over to use my swimming pool. They're never nice to me in the winter. How should I handle this? It's making me crazy....more
Carla Fabregas heh!more

It’s 3 a.m….What Do You Hear Outside of Your Window?

carrien  Good suggestion! Actually, my husband, who grew up in this apartment said that people ...more

Neighborhood Gossip

Woohoo, Wednesday!  Wednesday is the start of Travis's (and therefore, my off time) weekend.  You could actually say that this trend started in college when both Travises and I would go out for drinks.  Wednesday night shenanigans, our excuse for avoiding the crazy and large Friday night crowds and a good way to make it through the week.  Now a day's it is just the normal schedule, Sunday through Wednesday is the work week.  Today we are going to head to the neighbor's for margaritas and burritos....more

Where there's smoke . . .

"Do you smell that?" I asked my husband.He sniffed the air. “I guess so. Smells like smoke.”Peter wasn’t smoking at the time, so I knew it wasn’t cigarette smoke I detected. We were standing in the backyard to escape the stuffy duplex that we rented. In contrast to the warmth inside, there was a slight chill in the outside air that surprised me on the early July evening....more

Last one and done...

This afternoon I delivered the first box of Christmas chocolates -- two pounds of caramel brownies, fudge, chocolate peanut butter balls, chocolate mint cookies, and toffee, all individually wrapped, making three layers in a small white box that has become my trademark in recent years. It was both anticipated and enthusiastically received.To me, the box represents more than delicious handmade chocolates and baked goods or even the love that has gone into making the goodies that fill it. It represents the passage of time....more

Bullies With Buggies - How Register Rage Blinds Otherwise Reasonable People to The Facts

I never really understood why or how people manage to monitor the grocery shopping habits of other people in their line.  Yes, I might glance in someone's cart while waiting my turn in line, but I tend to look away - sort of good manners dictating that I not stare at what people are purchasing. And beyond idle curiosity, I really don't care....more

Don't Fence Me In

I wept the day our next door neighbors fenced in their backyard. I hid behind our dining room drapes so they couldn’t see me from their patio where they watched the work crew toss rolls of chain link from a pick-up truck bed to their mowed twice weekly grass.            “You lied,” I said softly, “when you promised the green spaces outside our homes would always be wide open, when  you told me the story of how years ago everyone on the street swore they’d never put up fences....more

Christmas Lights for Virginia

On Saturday, December 22, 2012, Virginia, BlogHer's HomeRearedChef, wrote a great post titled, "Might Your Neighbor Have Too Many Christmas Lights?" When I read it, an image of our neighbor down the street immediately popped into my head....more
The electric bill must be their own personal Halloween!more