Was I the Only One Who Liked the #HIMYM Ending?

If you haven’t seen the series finale of How I Met Your Mother, you should bookmark this page and not continue reading until after you have watched it. You have one more chance to click away, before the spoilers come! ...more
I loved it!  Second chances are powerful and being open to sharing yourself to more than one ...more

Thank You For The Music: The 65th Annual Tony Awards

After the 65th Annual Tony Awards, I know this much is true: Neil Patrick Harris outgeniuses Doogie Howser, Whoopi Goldberg's right that any of her films can and will become a musical, Harry Potter is an awesome dancer, and Cole Porter just makes the world a better place....more

(VIDEO) Gleek Peek: Joss Whedon! Neil Patrick Harris! "Glee!" Tonight!

It's finally here: Tonight. Buffy and Dr. Horrible mastermind Joss Whedon directs. TV star/Broadway talent/awards show host Neil Patrick Harris stars. The cast of Glee sings "Dream On" and "Daydream Believer." Watch the clips and tell me what you think! (Minor spoilers ahead.) First, the official promo: ...more

Glee is awesome! I'll have to catch this on my DVR so that I can fast forward the commercials ...more

Neil Patrick Harris and Glee

A deal is in the works for Neil Patrick Harris to appear in an episode of Glee during May Sweeps that will be directed by the one and only Joss Whedon.Squeeeeeeee!...more

I saw this on Whedonesque and was so excited! Just wish we didn't have to wait until April.


I wouldn't call it Horrible,


Bianca, thanks so much for linking to The Hathor ...more