Glow in the Woods

It is a home to all babylost mamas, a warm campfire that you hopefully will never need but is waiting there with comfort in case you do. It is Glow in the Woods, a website started this spring by six babylost bloggers: Kate, Bon, Niobe, Julia, Janis, and Tash. ...more
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Wordpress Woes

Prior to having her gallbladder out during pregnancy, Allison's daily readership was about 35 people per day. During bedrest, it shot up to between 110-150 hits per day and remained that way through the birth of the twins and her son's neonatal death. The day before her daughter, Zoë died, she had 176 hits. The day her daughter died, she had 253 hits. And the day after her daughter died, once news got around the Internet, she hit 2349 unique visitors. ...more

I don't know if you followed it, but a few months ago on Twitter, one of the posters was ...more

What We Talk About When We Talk About Grief

Unfortunately, my bright orange and happy icon deeply clashes with what I need to write. On the day that Heath Ledger died, I had been spending the afternoon reading through the stillbirth and neonatal death blogs on my sidebar. Not, perhaps, how some people choose to spend their afternoon, but they are important stories to read. Not just to understand what another person is going through, but because the burden of being the sole keeper of someone's existence is a terrible weight and reading the story helps another person know that they're not alone in remembering their child. ...more

I know when I lost my Kate at 27 weeks, the pain, was intense for both my husband and ...more