That Time I Started Playing Dungeons & Dragons for a Blog Post...

I recently went on a deep undercover writing assignment. My goal was to infiltrate a local Dungeons & Dragons group and make them believe I could be one of them, just for one night, so that I could write about the shenanigans that are role playing games. I wanted to try something new, and my boyfriend kept going on and on about Pathfinder (which is an off shoot of Dungeons & Dragons, basically) so I figured hey, I could go for 4 hours and give it a shot, blog about it, and then move on. That was six months ago. The reason I didn’t write the blog post was because I’m still playing it and you know what? It’s really cool. ...more
forestcats  THAT IS SO COOL! If I ever visit LA (which I really want to do) then I will ...more

Multiple Bloginalities

Hello there, I have been blogging for 7 years now. I blame a dating relationshio with a super-middle-aged-nerd who keot talking about his "blog". It was awkward how wierd I thought he was. So, I compulsively blog. and (the last one is currently hidden)...more

Wedding Reception for Joe and Leslie

It was perfect weather for an outdoor event. Our handsome videographer nephew, Joe, married gorgeous Leslie recently and her parents hosted a delightful party to celebrate on the grounds of their lovely home.   Uncle Lloyd, me and Bruce, Evan, Spenser, mom, and my sis and mama of the groom, Mary Lou (I call her "Teta"), represented Joe's side of the family and we all had a grand time.  ...more

White & Nerdy

When I was 15, I had a boyfriend that was very cute and sweet. For some reason, that didn’t seem to do it for me. Incidentally, one of my best friends had a brother that was 17; he was nerdy, annoying and awkward... and you know what? I DUG THAT ABOUT HIM! Sometimes the desires of one’s heart are totally bizarre and illogical. I was like Shannon Elizabeth in American Pie – The geek got me hot and bothered!...more

Best Husband Award

Life is moving at warp speed. Or if you prefer it in "Spaceballs" terms, "We've gone to plaid." A friend of mine told me yesterday that it only goes faster as you get older. I'm not sure, at this moment, how that's possible. If that is so, I hope the extra work, speed, busyness starts to show in a decrease in my hips....more

Owning Your Inner Nerd

Snippets: Radio's not dead, Missed Connections, and Google Reader = Nerdy

I finally just pledged some cash to WTMD, our local actually good radio station. For a long time I thought "why even try when I can get exactly what I want, when I want it, now? Why bother when the radio can play ten things I don't like first? ...more

I am Super Dork!

I'm not afraid to admit that I am a dork, nerd, geek, spazz, weirdo, etc.  It's only been in the past 5 years or so that I have been able to embrace my inner dork with pride.  I used to be dreadfully ashamed of the fact that I'm different.  I look different, I like different things, I speak in a different way.  I'm an outsider and since I have been able to admit that, I have been able to stop trying to make myself "fit in".  ...more

Since those darn Lord of the Rings Movies came out, there were a ton of pseudo Tolkien nerds who ...more