Recycled Wine Bottle Lamp Part 2

I have to say, I'm pretty proud of our most recent recycled glass and LED project. The first one was a good starting point for Jared and I to mess around with the glass etching and LED wiring. This time, we aimed higher. We wanted to set LEDs in a wooden base and display the bottle on the base. A green bottle from some cheap red wine, a craft knife, electrical tape and etching cream led to this: ...more

Andium: The Chemistry Cake

Shhh...don't tell my friend Andy, a chemist and all-around science guy...I made him a cake. His thoughtful girlfriend, Stephanie (whose fun blog can be found here), asked me to make a cake for his surprise party. Her creative idea was to have a cake made in the style of an element on the periodic table, using the birthday boy's initials. I was eager to challenge myself with another new cake endeavor! ...more

Super Nerdiness Found!

How did I make my husband's day today you may ask... by bringing home something so nerdy the earth itself could not hold it.Tada! Or better yet Daa Da da da da Daa Da da da da Daa Da da da da daa....more

That is super nerdy! I love it! The perfect start to early jedi training :Omore