Totally Weddo-Phobic

I wasnt really a blogger until a few months back..when I and my boyfriend decided to get married..we are from India and belong to different castes and states (for people wondering how that matters: India, language, culture, food habits vary from caste to caste and state to state).So since we belong to different castes, we faced some acceptance issues from our parents. But after pursuing for a month or two..they are convinced now!Yaaiii.But..In the contrary I am not!!! :o ..I feel I am doing the biggest mistake of my life by getting married! :(...more

Beginner at BlogHer

I just joined BlogHer. I'm in the middle of revamping my blog. Before it was just a sort of diaries mainly consisting of quotes, things on my mind, mainly all things personal. I consider myself a newbie in cooking and a newborn in baking, I love travelling as well. Whenever I do those things, I always search via Google and all the things that helped me are thru blogs and I realized hom much blogging can help others. That's when I decided to revamp my blog to put it to good use as well. Not to mention it's in my bucketlist (haha!)....more
Nice to meet you!more

Schedule, Interrupted

Last night I was struck by a couple of memories and then felt so grateful that there is calm in place of where there was so much worry. My friend’s daughter was having a birthday party.  I needed to take my son to the party, stay for a little while, meet some other friends for dinner, and then we were off as a whole family to a hockey game.  Last year, we did this same exact thing – attended the birthday party before a hockey game.  Except, last year, I was more frantic!  I was in a rush.  I was nervous about sticking to Parker’s SCHEDULE.  I wa...more

Second Thoughts and Second Chances

I did a really scary thing today. I quit my job. Or at least, I gave notice. The worst part? I don't have another job lined up. I'm terrified. I left for several reasons, and I think to elaborate on all of them would be unprofessional, so I will refrain. One of the reasons, though, is that I just didn't think that line of work was for me anymore. On that, I will elaborate. I graduated a couple of years ago from college. It took me a while to find a job and so when I found one, I jumped on the opportunity....more

The Big House

The first semester of clinicals took place in long-term healthcare facilities – that’s fancy talk for nursing homes. It was great for administering po meds (medications by mouth, as opposed to injections, IV’s, etc.) because almost everyone was on ten to twenty different medications. The rest of it, not so great…there was a lot of butt wiping, soiled brief changing, bathing, and linen changing. Don’t get me wrong; no matter how high up I climb on the ladder of nursing, I will never be above wiping a butt or changing a brief. I’m just saying that it gets old....more

Why Social Networking Sites Make Me Nervous

I feel as if I have dipped my foot into the pool of most of the social networking sites out there. I had a brief tryst with friendster, myspace, & twitter. I had a love-hate relationship with facebook. However, now I have reached the point where I shed these websites & managed to delete my accounts. Why? Most of them are seemingly innocuous. ...more

I think the sites that emphasize having a large friends list over other things have the wrong ...more