BabyNes: Like a Coffee Maker for Babies

Eager to repeat the success of its Nespresso coffee makers, Nestlé has rolled out machines that make tea, smoothies, and now baby formula....more

Booby Traps Set Breastfeeding Moms Up for Failure

Many mothers start out with the best of intentions when it comes to breastfeeding. Health experts agree that "breast is best" and the benefits of breastfeeding for both the baby and the mother are numerous. Yet while a lot of people give lip service to the importance of breastfeeding, there isn’t a lot of support for women once they make the decision to breastfeed. In fact, our society offers very little support to breastfeeding moms and often sabotages breastfeeding altogether. ...more
As the breastfeeding mom of THREE kids, now ages 27, 23 and 16, let me just say that I cannot ...more

Nestle and BlogHer Sponsorship: Creating an Unsafe place for women

I just got done reading a friend of a friend’s blog, Leaky Boob[i], and since I had an immediate reaction, I realized I needed to write a response right away. I quickly looked it up, and all over the internet, I confirmed that this was the case… which honestly, I look back and am glad that I didn’t go to the conference in 2010, because the sponsorship of an anti-woman corporation for a pro woman conference would have been too hypocritical for me to feel comfortable enough to get past it. I’m sure it would have clouded my judgment....more

Top Corporate Human Rights Violators

I was recently at lunch with friends when the topic of blood diamonds came up. Lovely conversation topic, right? But it is amazing to me how many people are so unaware, even me, of the consequences of their purchasing decisions. The unintended human cost of buying certain pretty things, certain foods, even certain necessities (in our culture at least) would really, should really, horrify us all. Horrify us so much that we would change the way we live. But we don’t. Why?...more

Tell Nestlé that formula doesn't PROTECT babies

I should add that my quote from my previous post, "The thing is, all of those protections and ...more

Food Safety and Salty Facts In the e-newsletter this week, issued by Food Engineering, there were some very interesting news bits in food manufacturing.  It sounds so industrial doesn’t it? But it’s interesting so read on…. ...more

The New Chocolate Finger of Pleasure

Last May, my husband's boss asked him to move to London to open a new office. If he accepted this mission, we'd be there for four years. The potential move sparked mixed emotions in me. Although I've lived away from my family for the past 14 years, it is pretty easy to hop on a plane from New York to Chicago for a visit. From London, that's a much bigger journey. Leaving all my friends behind also pained me. On the other hand, I love London, and always wanted to live there for a spell. There are many reasons for this, but I fess up that one of them is how much I love British chocolate. I feared moving there and gained 100 pounds from all the candy bars I'd cram down my lonely gullet. ...more

You'll love my post on bikini waxing ...more

Can you drink yourself pretty?

When they say that real beauty comes from within, I'm quite sure they don't mean from within an 8 fl. oz. ready-to-drink bottle. Which is why I performed an Olympic-caliber eye roll when I saw Nestle's entry into the beauty marketplace: Glowelle Beauty Drink, which invites you to "drink in pretty?" Really? I may be a confirmed beauty addict, and I'm also a health food nut - but a sucker I am not. ...more

 I agree completely!  Check out my post about healthy "skin food" that actually ...more