Obama Just Hit the FCC Hard on Net Neutrality

President Barack Obama made a strong statement in support of rules preserving open access to the Internet this week. It brought cheers from net neutrality advocates, jeers from the cable and telecom industry and their allies, and equivocation from the man he appointed to lead the Federal Communications Commission, the independent agency that makes the rules for the Internet. ...more
Everybody who has a computer or smartphone should support net neutrality. The carriers don't ...more

Net Neutrality 101: What You Need To Know

To be honest, I’ve been meaning to write this post for 6 months but I wanted to make sure I fully understood what Net Neutrality was and how it would affect everyone. As we see ruling being pushed and data STILL being throttled in 2014, I figured I’d sit down and give a quick Net Neutrality 101....more

The Internet Strikes Back: What Net Neutrality Means to Your Blog

For those of you not in the U.S., or in the U.S. and not sure what the hell I'm talking about, Net Neutrality is about allowing Internet users the same speed and level of connection across devices, hardware, and method of connection. If Net Neutrality were not in effect, Verizon, for example, my Internet service provider, could give me faster connective speeds to its sponsored sites and block access to sites it doesn't want me to see. Moreover, it could block my access to competitors or sites it doesn't like me to use. ...more

I think that the way you explained this is so understandable and attainable. Thank you for ...more

BlogHer, Verizon, Google, and the Future of the Internet, or Why You Should Care About Network Neutrality

Unless you scrupulously avoid reading news sites on the Internet, you've probably heard that Google and Verizon made a big announcement last week, having something to do with "Net Neutrality." And unless you are a policy wonk or a tech-geek, or you saw one of the really inflammatory headlines, your eyes probably glazed over and you moved on to the next story. Please read this one. Net Neutrality is incredibly important, and this Google-Verizon proposal is bad for the future of the Internet. ...more

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Would There Be a President Obama or a Tea Party or a MoveOn without Network Neutrality?

What do you want most for our future?  More childcare, cleaner water, climate change, an MLK Memorial or a community playground?  Do you hate the war in Afghanistan or Sarah Palin or the health care bill? How much would we all know about any of these things -- or, thanks to BlogHer, about each other -- without the web?  It's become our home, our quilting bee, our political club, comedy club, garden club, women's club, access to activism and knowledge and, well, life. ...more

Network Neutrality is a myth. I have years of telecommunications and internet experience. ...more

Court Rules Against FCC in Net Neutrality Efforts

A federal appeals court dealt a major blow to efforts by the Federal Communications Commission to implement principles of net neutrality. ...more

Let me call out a couple of the links from the main post body that delve deeper into the legal ...more

G.E. and Comcast Strike a Deal for NBC: What It Could Mean for the Future of TV and the Internet

The General Electric Company has agreed to sell a controlling stake in NBC Universal to cable giant Comcast. Comcast will own 51% of a new joint venture with G.E. retaining 49%. While rumors of the pending deal have been swirling for months, the new venture still faces a regulatory confirmation process that deal watchers estimate will take anywhere from 9 to 18 months to complete. ...more

I'm less concerned about net neutrality issues because, even without NBC, Comcast (as you've ...more

FCC plans rules to enforce net neutrality

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced today that  the FCC will create new rules to prevent carriers from blocking, slowing or favoring particular types of content. Read the full article on Web Teacher. ...more

Legislating "Fairness" on Air and Online

On November 5th of 2008 Chuck Schumer gave an interview in which his first words were not acknowledgment of the historic election that took place the day before; his first statement was to compare conservative talk radio to pornography and call for a reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine. Nancy Pelosi, Tom Harkin, Maurice Hinchey, Bill Clinton, Debbie Stabenow (to say nothing of her husband/conflict of interest), sore-loser Bill Press, David Axelrod's sudden non-committal, and many others have found the comfort with this new congressional power to say what they've really thought all along: the government, not the listener, has the sole right to determine what the public should hear. As a conservative talk radio host, as a woman who makes her living with the First Amendment, their attempts at censorship trouble me greatly. ...more

I ...more

Barack Obama, John McCain and Net Neutrality

Change is coming. In fact, if you look over the past 15 years it's already here: the Internet. What it is now, with blogs and social networks, software-as-a-service and 'net-enabled applications, bears scant resemblance to what it was like in 1995. Think about how much it has changed just since you got on the net. No question: the Internet is evolving faster and faster. Do we know what it will look like in 15 years? Ten years? A year from now? No. The Internet is changing too fast too fast. Why Net Neutrality is important ...more

This happened last week, so sorry I missed it before posting the article. John McCain is ...more