Netflix, I hope you're ready for November 25th

Dear Netflix,I am not yet a subscriber but I will be shortly, based on the fact that, in a little over a month, you will be releasing a series I only dreamed about since 2007 - the much talked about, already revered, four-episode Gilmore Girls revival series, “A Year in the Life”. A little over 24 hours ago I was faced with the realization of my reliance on your ability to perform, and now I have questions....more

Behind Closed Doors


The Beauty Of Stranger Things

Is anyone watching Stranger Things?  I just finished watching it with the kiddo (hi, I have a 16 year old son who will henceforth be called "the kiddo") and we both LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!  First of all don't worry, this post will be 100% spoiler free, second of all if you haven't watched it yet get to it!  Anyhoo, there are a bunch of reasons I loved it.  First it's an amazing throwback to the 80s movies I grew up with, the cast is amazing, it's warm, heartfelt, funny, and scary all at the same time, and most importantly (at least to me) is that I can watch it with the ...more

Bernthal's The Punisher Fantastic In Daredevil Season 2

Like most Marvel fans, I was thrilled to watch the highly anticipated Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix. The series featuring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, attorney by day and superhero by night, is deserving of much more praise than it receives. This season, the series is dominated by the presence of Jon Bernthal as one of Marvel Comics' most recognizable anti-heroes, The Punisher....more

My thoughts so far on Fuller House

So it's finally here. The Full house spin off we've been hearing about for months. I was one of those people who watched the show as a child, so I was curious as to how this would turn out. I have to say if you can get passed the first ten minutes, it's a pretty decent show. It was a mix between this is pretty good, and rolling your eyes at certain points....more

The problem with parental leave

Netflix's new parental-leave policy has the potential to revolutionize American workplaces. Plenty of experts seem to think it's the bee's knees. Me? Not so much.I'm not keen on parental leave at all. Not three months, not six months, not 12 months, not 15 months, not 24 months. I don't care how long you want to make it. I don't like it. Because it assumes parents at some point will ditch baby in daycare so they can return to work full-time....more

Coming to a screen near you: Netflix’s drug cartels, Reading Rainbow and a Spanish dramedy

Have you guys noticed more dragons on your Netflix? Us too. And soon there’s going to be more drug cartels, Reading Rainbows and smart girls.I’m writing this as a member of Netflix’s Stream Team and even if I wasn’t, I’d still be a fan of its original series. They’re better than most of what’s on TV and don’t take the time commitment of a movie. (Unless you binge-watch, which admit it, always ends up happening despite your best efforts.)...more