Ratty and Mole review People, Places, Things on Netflix

Mole: I am quite fond of those small movies where nothing much happens. Walking and Talkingand The Daytrippers are two that come to mind. They’re good matinee movies. The stakes are seemingly small and there is plenty of walking….and talking....more

Stranger Things: I Hate Barb

I hate Barb.There, I said it.Apparently, Barb, the nerd-girl in the Netflix Original series, “Stranger Things,” has developed a dedicated legion of fans despite the fact that she is stupid. And dies in Episode 5.I was struck by an immediate aversion to this character – not the actor Shannon Purser, I am sure she is lovely – and was shocked, shocked, I tell you, to realize that apparently, she is beloved by everyone on the planet but me....more

A Foodie's 5 Favorite Documentaries on Netflix

Maybe it's the fact that I'm out of college for the summer and therefore have brain cells to spare. Maybe it's just my love for everything food related. Whatever the reason, Netflix and I have recently been bonding over our shared love of food documentaries....more

3 Things I Enjoy About Winter

Follow my blog with Bloglovin ...more

To Rest or Watch Netflix? That is the Question


16 Good Movies You've Never Heard Of

I'm a movie lover.  I've had a movie by mail delivery service since Blockbuster's heyday back in 2004....more

Netflix Queue Reviews!

Here's what I've watched recently. We finally finished all the seasons of Lost....more