Adele remembers her roots

 She is a Kagay-anon (a native of Cagayan de Oro City in Misamis Oriental, northern Mindanao, Philippines) through and through in both mind and soul....more

How to Devalue a Movement, or, the TCOT/Tea Party Infighting

That fact that I'm even writing about this is killing my brain cells. Adding insult to injury, I don't even have the benefit of doing it in cold, brewed, can form. ...more

So in other words, your answer is no, you can't provide any sources to verify your 'one ...more

W&W: Can Netroots Entertainers Galvanize Youth Vote?

So if the financial market doesn't implode first, the media may just explode in anticipation before Thursday's VP debate. Are expectations so low at this point that Sarah Palin wins just by showing up and sounding intelligent? ...more