May I rant for a minute?

Co-creator of Big Fish Tops Dogs, musician, award winning graphic artist, mentor, entrepreneur, blogger and owner of multiple businesses. You can follow her on twitter @bigfishtopdogs...more

The biz of writing, the biz of biz and the art of social media.

This weekend gives way to full immersion towards the biz of writing as I attend a 3 day writer's conference at Webster University in Geneva.  Very jazzed, very much looking forward to learning from the talent of Annette Kobak, Susan Tiberghien ...more

An Experiment in Networking - What is Your Strategy?

I work from home as a copywriter. The benefits are too many to list here (I love my job), but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the daily interactions of office life. I'd also be lying if I didn't see the necessity to build my professional network and find new clients.The obvious solution to getting my fix for social interaction and for finding new clients lies in networking both online and offline. Because of this, I've made it my goal to do in-person turbo networking for the next six months....more

Working your options

Never for one second think that many of the professors, staff, faculty or professional people you are encountering in your college career will not be able to help you find a job when you are nearing graduation. I forgot who gave me this brilliant piece of advice, but I want to pass it along: "Always, always be networking." Fortunately, I listened to this advice since I was a freshman in college and it has already helped me get my foot in a few doors....more

The Power of Networking Offline Validated by Recent Research Study

copyright, 2009, Debbi A. Ballard The power of offline word-of-mouth networking supersedes that of online word-of-mouth conversations according to a just released research report.  This has important implications for the mlm network marketing business.  Debbi A. Ballard, mlm consultant and chief blogger for mlm consultants' blog gives you the details. ...more

Films by Women that Entertain, Inspire and Motivate on Sept. 17 in New York

Women's Film Institute (WFI) presents the 1st Annual WFI Shorts Tour. Out of 300 inspiring entries, 11 films were selected to be premiered. The diverse selection of shorts at the tour celebrates the exceptional contributions of women in the world of cinema and represents a convergence of films from around the globe, including the U.S., Italy, France and China. ...more

Women Bloggers and Their Influence on Online Marketing

There was once a time when women were somewhat marginalized in a society that was heavily slanted towards men’s needs and concerns. While incidences of discrimination against women remain fairly commonplace, there have been a few strides made in the quest to have women more heavily involved in various aspects of society. ...more

What is Your Follow Up Strategy?

So, you've gone to a networking event, perhaps just gotten home from BlogHer '09, and now you have a pile of business cards and new contacts. What do you do next? It can sometimes be a little overwhelming but follow up is a critical element in making the most of new connections you make. ...more

I agree - and that's why I focus on Facebook, which is a lot more appropriate - in fact it's ...more

The Art of Presentation – Speaker and Presentation Bloggers

There will be common elements between all of the presenters in that there will be a structure of some form. It is a skill that can be taught by people who have information and the gift of teaching. It is also something that can be learned if you find the right resources. Let me introduce you to a few of the bloggers who help others to give great speeches and presentations. The first two I met during PresentationCamp Los Angeles. I want to start with them because they demonstrated the very skills other claim to teach. ...more

This is great and so well timed!

My students are about to start a client brief ...more

WFI Shorts Tour 2009 - Films by Women that Entertain, Inspire & Motivate

WFI Shorts Tour 2009 - Films by Women that Entertain, Inspire & Motivate ...more