The Art of the Introduction

We talk a great deal about how important first impressions are in business, but suggestions are almost universally spelled out for our own self-improvement, leaving out how we affect the first impressions that others make through our introductions. A bad introduction can cripple a conversation, and sour relationships, whereas a good one can make a conversation not only informative, but useful, as it can lead you and people around you to a world of opportunities down the line. ...more
@IdeaGov, assuming they knew how to be people to begin with!more

Winter Soulcare: beating the blues, financial and otherwise

Just last week I broke out my heavy scarf, and today I realized I will soon need thermals under my jeans. My friends, Winter is on its way. The rhythm of the natural word effects our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. We show a little skin in the Summer, and hibernate in the Winter. We fall in love during Spring fever, and feel full of gratitude in the Fall. Each sacred season brings us blessing and challenges -- mind, body, and soul -- and isn't it great to have wise friends along for the journey? ...more

I'm so excited to explore the resources you're sharing here. As we move into the dark season, ...more

Boost Job Search Success with a Strategic Self-Marketing Plan

The rules of the job search have changed considerably in recent years. It's not enough to be the most qualified candidate for the job. Successful job candidates understand that in addition to "having the goods," they need to know their "buyer," and how to sell to them. Think it sounds crass to compare a job candidate's skills and experience to consumer goods? It isn't. Rather, it accurately reflects the reality of the current job market. Positioning Yourself to Get Noticed in a Crowded Job Market The current job market is far more favorable for employers than it is for the average job hunter. An employer may receive hundreds of resumes in response to a single ad. The employer can then cherry-pick applicants with the experience, education, and skills they are seeking. So, how will you get noticed in a crowded job market? A strategic self-marketing plan will position you to get maximum exposure and boost your job search success, even in a highly-competitive job market. Think about the last time that you walked into a grocery store. The top name brands with big budgets occupy the shelves at eye-level. The store brand sits right next to them with labels that proclaim that they are comparable to your favorite brand. On the lower levels you'll find the bargain brands. Which are you? The top brand that commands top dollar? The generic store brand that promises to do everything the top brand does, but for a lot less? Or, the unknown, discount brand that easily goes unnoticed? Before you respond, consider the quality of your current marketing efforts in your job search and how you are presenting yourself to potential employers in your resume and during interviews. A well-constructed, well-executed plan will position you to get noticed by potential employers, much like those national brands which occupy an optimal position on the shelf at the grocery store. Read complete article at Roxanne Ravenel is a Job Search Coach; the author of The Savvy Jobseeker's Guide & Workbook: Five Steps to a Simply Successful Job Search; and the host of The Savvy Jobseeker weekly podcast. Visit for tips on finding your ideal work in less time. ...more