Hello Neurosis, How I've Missed You

Fueled by caffeine and neurosis, I have spent the last couple weeks battling the repercussions of quitting breastfeeding.  Repercussions you say?  Why, what repercussions other then the opportunity to drink mad amounts of coffee and suddenly finding yourself no longer able to produce cleavage could there possibly be??...more

Skinny Jeans and Other Such Sacrifices

One of my most important goals as a parent is to try as hard as possible not to ruin my child to the point of social awkwardness.  Which, considering that he has me as a mother, is a valid concern.  At 2 1/2 he is already strongly proving himself to be my child through and through.  If you mess with his system of anything, tears will be shed.  He likes to go around the house cleaning toys, furniture, walls, mommy, etc with baby wipes....more

You Know About THAT Mom?

I am neurotic enough to frequently obsess over silly things.  I have not shared the following with anyone (fearing that it may, in fact, be true).  I am plagued by wondering if my breath stinks all the time and nobody is telling me.  I chew gum all the time.  I conduct basic dental hygiene everyday.  There really is no reason for me to have this fear.  But I have it.  I am a little neurotic....more

Am I Neurotic??

As I was trying to come up with my blog name, my friend (the pusher) asked me what adjectives I thought described me. The only thing that came to my mind was neurotic. I laughed. Then she laughed.......but ...more