Tell Your Book Club

 I exchange books with fellow readers who love nonfiction. We only share the best books among us. I finished one book recently that I lent out within days of closing the cover. Partly because I want to discuss it with other readers. Just like after a great movie, you want to talk about the plot and characters and share your thoughts about what you just watched. Same thing.  The book is Just Keep Rowing by Katie Spotz. It's a true story about a 20-something girl who rows across the ocean solo in a special tiny boat. It took her 3 months. ...more

Me & Words

I like words.  I am a person who has millions of thoughts running through my head a day.  I love music, lyrics more specifically.  I've always loved writing (which is pretty ironic once you get to know my story).  I love reading.  I just love words.  They can be so powerful....more

Im new to blogging and it very confusing to me....

I'm just joining NaBloPoMo and every time i go to write out my blog and i like it it gets destroyed! My Power is glitching at my house and even if i try to save to my computer, there is still that chance that the power will go off before i can post. My solution to this is to be to write fast and get all my ideas in hopefully or write them out tomorrow. ...more
HI...Um please take time to fill out your bio so we (other bloggers) will realize you are not a ...more

new bog

hey everyone i've just started up a blog of my own. when i say just started i meant like yesterday lol. if you could have a look at let me know what you think that would be great :)   ...more

A New Thing

It’s February! To me, this means two very exciting things: 1. Spring is well on its way. 2. The days are getting longer!It’s not in a way that I can see clearly, but it’s in a way that I can feel in the stirrings of my soul. I’m so thankful. God has planted tiny seedlings of joy that have been waiting to bloom at the right moments....more

A New Beginning

New me

    It starts ...more

Fresh Start with a Rested Mind

Last year around this time, I couldn't see straight. TS was only a week old and life had taken a speedy turn into something my husband and I had never experienced before. During the hectic postpartum stages of being a new mom, I couldn't imagine finding a calm routine....more

IComLeavWe - May 2014

This month, I'll be participating in IComLeavWe with Stirrup Queens. The whole point is to make sure that bloggers are recognized and honored for their work....more


Welcome, This is my first attempt to blogging and may end up my last. I think I feel like many other women out there. I feel like I have a lot to offer the world. Then I wonder how much of that is really mine to offer and not reprocessed chum that has been flooded into me by society and media.I have of late been under some major stress and have decided to use this blog as a journal of sorts to help rectify the daily onslought of depression and anxiety.So here goes nothing. Don't feel obligated to comment. ;) j/k All constructive criticism is welcomed....more