Here's to Wayne, A spiritual Blunder (excerpt from Chapter 3 part three)

I had recently finished reading something that suggested that Jesus had known Mary Magdalene as his wife or if not his wife then he was very close to her in an intimate way. I could not stop thinking about this. Could it be? Could Jesus really have been in love with Mary? When I was a single mom I had read the New Testament several times and had once had a thought that I immediately dismissed. I had a brief thought that Jesus would be the ideal husband. The thought surprised me and I felt a little embarrassed for even thinking of our Lord Jesus in such a way....more

Here's To Wayne A Spiritual Blunder ( excerpt)

“As I walked through the doorway, I immediately felt something pulling on me, I continued in and still I felt this energy, a pulling sensation, so I kept walking, trying to hone in on what it was and then all of a sudden I felt to turn to my left and as I turned… I saw it. I saw the most stunning crystal! An Amethyst, and let me tell you, oh Annie, the energy coming off that crystal, directly to me, was so powerful that I began to feel dizzy! It took a moment to gather my senses.”By now I was listening intently to every word Molly was saying. Every day was an adventure with her....more

Tid Bits of a Life

Here's the story:  So I go to a new doctor, but first this pre-doctor sees me.  He's a doctor but he's not my doctor.  I'm aware that they call them interns, but that doesn't make it any less weird.  He takes all my information on a computer, which he seems like he doesn't trust and pseudo gives me doctorly advice, which I don't trust.  I'm aware it's called training but I mean we are talking about my body, I don't want some know-nothing studying it like a book. ...more
hfserrano I wrote about meeting someone as nutty as I am in "Crazy as I am" check it out!more

Time Out Dot Com

Time Out Dot Com...more

A Thought on Happiness

This past year or two I've been thinking a lot about religion and spirituality. Matter of fact, lately I've been dreaming of listening in on a theoretic "end of the world" forum-of-world-thought. Well, I kind of just made that name up. But you get the idea. I want to sit down and listen to everyone who has a vision of all this massive change taking place worldwide and simply hear dialogue. It's the English major in me. I want all the colorful characters, the momentous stories. I want to line them all up, analyzing the similarities, looking for divergences....more

I want to like Eckhart Tolle's work. I just can't get there from here.

I want to like Eckhart Tolle. Oprah does. And I like Oprah and admire her spirit. ...more
Hi, Mata Just wanted to give my thoughts on what you expressed about Tolle's view on negative ...more