Help Your Other Child Adjust Better To A New Sibling

YAY! So you’re having a new baby! How exciting! ...more

Favorite Products for #2

 Adding another baby to the family is such an amazing blessing, truly a gift.  But, there's also no denying that it's a crazy time...lots of adjustment and juggling that goes on!  (Check out my previous post with tips for preparing for #2).  My older son Jack was nine days shy of...more

So ... Now I'm a Parent?

the past 6 weeks have had me reflecting on this journey that jp and i have gotten ourselves on. we jumped on a fast moving train and 6 short weeks ago we were welcomed into a very special club of “motherhood.” i’ve been thinking of what it means to be a parent and trying to really let that feeling … that notion … sink in. what does it mean to be a parent? is that something i’m supposed to feel the minute i laid my eyes on my little girls? or is it something that evolves, and is constantly changing as life moves on? i think it’s both....more

10 After-Baby Tips for Husbands Everywhere

When I become a first time mother, I felt stressed, tired, sleep deprived, and frustrated. I just felt overwhelmed while my husband was well-rested, energetic, and relaxed. Until one day, my frustration got to the point where I got upset when he wasn't helping out with the baby. I would tell him that he wouldn't come to help me when the baby cried constantly or come and offer to watch the baby because I needed a rest. My husband would tell me, "You didn't ask me," or "You need to let me know if you need a break." ...more
TerriLynnMerritts  Thank you for commenting.  I agree, the mother and father need to learn ...more

Before You

Before you I was just me. A college graduate. A writer, a friend, and a sister, a wife and a daughter.Before you I had plans. So many plans. To travel to Europe,  write a book of short stories, learn how to cook.Before you I had worries. Daily – hourly -- worries that flooded my mind at the most inopportune of times. Worries about not making enough money; worries that I didn’t spend enough time nurturing relationships. Worries that I was losing my passion for so many things....more

A BIG EASY Fourth of July AND A New Baby Comes In With A BANG!

Baby Beckett's due date was July 5th, so the plan for us this year was to spend the 4th of July in New Orleans instead of on the river.  Robby and I loaded up and headed south on the 3rd, staying with Ryan and Allison since David and Codi's guest bedroom had been turned into a nursery. The morning of the 4th, Ryan, Allison,Robby and I all went down to the the French Quarters to walk around and eat some lunch... ...more

The Hooked Rug

This was not what I'd had in mind. My vision was me sitting in a rocker, nursing my beautiful baby, my long hair shielding her little face from the moonlight, Joan Baez singing softly in the background. I thought having a baby would be mellow and sweet. Peaceful. Lovely. That's what we all thought in 1973 - we would be earth mothers.No. An earth mother didn't spend hours each night trying to get her baby to sleep and keep her asleep by pushing her wicker bassinet back and forth across the hooked rug in her room....more

"Can We Leave the Baby at Grandma's... Forever?"

I can’t say I am surprised, or that I wasn’t warned. When we took Oren to the pediatrician for his first doctor’s visit, his kind doctor asked us how Em was dealing with the baby’s arrival. C and I answered that she seemed to be doing surprisingly well, with just a few signs of anxiety here and there. The pediatrician looked at us with sympathy and told us that it was going to get worse, and probably quite a bit worse, in the coming weeks. Since that appointment, Emmy has done her job proving that our pediatrician is indeed a wise woman....more Hello! I have missed you much, and hope all is well by you! Thank you so ...more

The baby is here - and I'm finally back!

Hey guys!Didja miss me? Obviously you did, right? Yeah, I thought so. Well the bean is here! Although if you read my post earlier this week (slash viewed the pictures of what is clearly the most adorable babe I’ve ever seen in my life…), you already knew that....more
awww he's fabulous!more

Ten Ways to NOT step on a new parent's toes in their new role as Mommy and Daddy

Since Ricky and I found out we were pregnant, I’ve built a community of friends (especially blogging friends) that are also preggo or have had babies in the last year or two. After lots of conversations/blog sharing/learning, I realized that there are a lot of new-er parents out there that feel totally bombarded and overwhelmed by some of their sometimes overly well-wishing friends and family (at times, myself included)....more