A Fit Mom's Thoughts - My Humble Beginnings

Let's start with an introduction - my name is Rachael and I'm a thirty year old new(ish) mom. I say new-ish because my son will be turning 10 months this week. In the grand scheme of things I suppose that does qualify me as a new mom, but sometimes I feel like people hear "I'm a new mom" and roll their eyes! But I digress....more


I just spent more than an hour replying to a Man Baby reply to Trish (I don't dare look up her last name now). Then, it not only dissapeared but for the last line from here, but from my Wordpad copy on my desktop. It's so late it's very early (sun is in the shower now, be out soon) which may have something to do with it? Or is there a time limit on composing a reply? Not a bad idea really. But it is wonderful to have this place to write. And I promise and threaten that I will. ...more
@Not such a good BIO post, and I see (maybe?  very nearsighted) that editing in NOT part of the ...more

New to Blogging!

Well, I am giving blogging a try for the first time today and want to say Hello to everyone! I have set up a new shop to sell my photography on Etsy.com and would love you to drop in and check it out and then give me some feedback. I am selling prints, pre-made panels, notecards, and mouse pads as well as digital files on thumb drive ready to use on your digital photoframes and as computer screensavers. All of these would make excellent gifts! Let me know what you think. Thanks, Sheila www.etsy.com/shop/justforjoyphotos ...more

Please to meet you..

I'm no super model. I wish I were 20 lbs. lighter, and that my noise was just a tad smaller. Somehow my high school sweetheart loved my nutty-self to marry me, then loved me even more to want to stick around. I always contemplate if he's the crazy one. I'm a young military wife living on the opposite side of the world. I thought the first year of marriage would be the hump to get over, then it would be a breeze. Marriage.. a breeze? Smack me now. Honestly though, I knew going into this thing that it wouldn't be all June and Ward Cleaver-like....more

Newby to Blog Her

Hi, I'm a new member to blogher and could do with a bit of help to set it all up. I have added my blog http://backpain.blog.co.uk but not sure how I add posts and also how I add my avatar picture to the profile page? Also, can you have more than one blog on here? Look forward to making some new friends. Barmac...more

Click Using This Site and the FAQs in the bottom right corner of the page.

If you have ...more

My First Day as a Blogger

why can't i get this to work? i posted a whole paragraph here and when i looked at it nothing was here?  why is this?  i am a writer trying to start a blog on everything about love, sex, relationships, and everything in between!let's hope this works!xoxo...more

Beginning of a New Journey

I hope you'll join me in the Beginning of my New Journey in the world of food blogging.Grace - La Mia Vita Dolce - http://gracessweetlife.com...more

New to the Community !


What Should I Be When I Grow Up?

Please excuse this entry if it is clumsy. It is my very first. I have spent the entire day on the internet searching for an answer to the question that has been chasing me for the past 5 years..."What should I be when I grow up?" I am seriously considering changing it to "Is 40 to young to claim to be retired?" for obvious reasons. ...more