What Would You Say to All Longtime/New Bloggers?

We get it. You've been here a long time. You created the Internet. Everything we're just discovering now is... yawn... boring and soooooooooooooo 2008. Fretting about commenting etiquette, asking if it's okay to link to a post, questioning how you know when it's the right time to move to self-hosting: we know all of that makes you roll your eyes at us. ...more
I'm a newbie and while people seem to be reading my post or at least looking at it, how do I get ...more

Blogging as an Introvert (Day #1)

 Is blogging for an introvert person?  ...more

10 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog, and why they won't work for you

Funny Cat Photo Sure to Bring More Traffic...more

10 Tips for a New Blogger

If a real life friend approached me and said, “I want to start a blog. Can you give me a list of helpful tips?“, these are the 10 pieces of advice I'd give.In no particular order...1. Purchase your own domain. It shows that you are serious. It aids in reader recall. It only costs around $10 a year. Even free platforms like Blogger and WordPress.com allow you to use your own domain, and Blogger makes it super easy to purchase one through your Blogger dashboard (Blogger even handles the redirection for you!)...more

Halfway There and Filled With Gratitude

Yesterday marked the halfway point of my "Radical Lent: a Poetic Approach to 40 Days in the Wilderness" Project.  As it is a project, and as I often remind my students of the importance of "early deliverables" that give you a chance to step back and ask yourself how things are going, I've decided to do that today. ...more