Looky What I Got!

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmI got a new car!Out with the old (222,000+ miles)......more

In which I breathe a huge sigh of relief

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Is It Worth It to Have a Decent Credit Score??

Recently, we put our house up for a short sale to rent a townhouse closer to work and college. Half the people I talked to about it were, "good idea, will definitely save money, sounds great." The other half were pretty upset, stating such things as, "It is your duty to pay for the house, you are throwing everything away, you are going to drag your credit score into the ground and it will be very difficult to bring it back up." So I ask myself: Is it worth it to have a decent credit score? Why?...more
I will definitely say the my buying a house, at 10%-15% down, at an early age, in a bad ...more

How to Decide If You Need a New Car

As the driver of one very old Honda who is now commuting almost 1.5 hours a day because of a new job, thoughts of getting a new car have crept into my head. After all, a new car will be more comfortable, with more up-to-date features, and will be more resilient to the more than 300 miles of driving I do a week. But, driving an old car usually makes economic sense. Older cars cost less to insure, and they are more likely to be paid off. ...more

Moving right along

The test drive went well. We all went to see the car; it was like all the other times we’ve gone to car shows together. Except this one was a one-car show. My kind of show.The current owner loves the car. He is not interested in selling his little two seater; his very pregnant wife, however, wants the car gone yesterday. ...more

So You Want to Buy a New Car?

CNN found that 75% of people surveyed would rather go to the dentist than a car dealership. Most people do however love driving their new car off the dealership lot. Emotions run high when buying a new car. Never be afraid to walk away from a car deal if it doesn't feel right. On the other hand, if your questions have been answered and the deal feels right, take a deep breath, buy your car, and enjoy the drive out. ...more